Which hearing aid is best for the profound loss?

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The best hearing aids for a profound hearing loss is different from hearing aids designed for someone with a mild or severe hearing loss. Every person with profound hearing loss has their own needs which must be properly addressed.

hearing aids for profound hearing loss

Some patients with profound hearing loss find trouble in making a transition to new instruments that use a different type of approach to lower the frequency. Some patients might see the benefits early and do well. While other patients might take a longer time to see the benefit. Some patients might struggle because of the difference in the sound. And hence they need the best hearing aid for profound loss.

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In today’s world, there are multiple hearing aids are available for users. They help the user to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What is a profound hearing loss?

The profound hearing loss is the disability of a person to hear all or most sounds. These sounds include environmental or speech sounds due to which it is called as a complete hearing loss. It can be present from birth or even occur during the lifetime.

Although not everyone with profound hearing loss is eligible for a cochlear implant yet cochlear implant evaluation occurs for the majority of such people. People with a cochlear implant on one side wear a hearing aid on the opposite ear also.  It is referred to as bimodal hearing.

What are some of the unique challenges with fitting a profound hearing loss?

One of the toughest challenges with fitting a profound hearing loss is to provide the required amplification for audibility without causing any sort of distortion. These challenges are:

  • Noisy environments: It is extremely hard to go behind a conversation in an environment with a lot of background noise.
  • Less clarity of speech: Some sound like speech may not be clear even if sounds are made louder.
  • Telephone conversations: Talking on the phone becomes too difficult or even impossible for such people.


Hair Cells are responsible for hearing. Another name is tiny nerves. Hair cells are found within the cochlea because of their shapes. There are two kinds of hair cells

  • Inner hair cells which are responsible to sort and transmit various frequencies or pitches of sound.
  • Outer hair cells are responsible to intensify the transmission of soft sounds.

Best hearing aids for profound hearing loss

Phonak Naida V UP is the best hearing aid for profound hearing loss. There are many options for hearing aids best for the profound hearing loss. These are:

Bottom Line

Finally, comfort and reliability should be taken into consideration for people with the profound hearing loss because they depend on their hearing aids every day, as measured by the design and IP rating. It is also concluded that the requirements for hearing aids for such people are incredibly demanding. But there are many options for hearing aids for profound hearing loss.

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