Who performs cochlear implant surgery?

Most individuals with hearing loss are quite successful with hearing aids. There are some people with severe to intense hearing loss for who hearing aid do not provide enough benefit. For those individuals with severe damage to the sensory cells in the inner ear, a cochlear implant is usually the best option for better hearing.

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Cochlear implant history

The first cochlear implant surgery was developed by Dr. William House, in 1961 after that, In 1964, Blair Simmons and Robert J. White developed a six-channel electrode in a patient’s cochlea at Stanford University.

After that, the modern multichannel cochlear was developed and commercialized by Graeme Clark from Australia. This is one of the best inventions of that time. Also from this invention, people can understand the language very easily.

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Who performs cochlear implant surgery?

Cochlear implant surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia at either a hospital or surgical center. The surgery lasts for 2-3 hours. An incision is made behind the ear in order to open the mastoid bone leading to the middle ear space.

If you have any hearing related problem you can also meet ENT surgeon or audiologist. Audiologists receive skilled education in hearing and a balanced disordered issue of hearing loss. These professional have doctoral and master degree with a specialization in the main part. They suggest the best precaution of your hearing loss. What Can Audiologists Do For Hearing Issues?

  • Providing extensive hearing assessment.
  • Provide and suggest assistive listening devices.
  • Suggest, suitable, service, and adjust hearing aids.
  • Provide tinnitus assessment, medical care given, management.
  • Provide education regarding the reaction of noise on hearing and precaution of hearing loss, along with suggesting and fitting hearing protection.

At hearing sol, we use the latest and most innovative hearing devices available at a reasonable cost. Here, cochlear implant surgery is done in order to relieve the patients from bilateral deafness, sensorineural hearing loss and impaired inner ear. The credit of all these successful treatments goes to our team of doctors, hearing specialists and surgeons.

Cochlear Implant Treatment

Yes, We, Hearing sol have a team of experienced hearing specialists and cochlear implants surgeon, who is involved in the treatment. We include the latest technology, devices, and researches as done by our specialists in cochlear implant surgery. If you are thinking for the cochlear implant surgery, you need to meet an audiologist or ENT surgeon. Then, the appointment will be followed by the preliminary hearing evaluation and diagnostic test. You should concern ENT surgeon prior to the surgery. As the cochlear implant surgeon will guide you about the pre and post surgical procedures in detail. Then the follow up along with rehabilitation and healing procedure will help you to make the cochlear implant successful.

The cochlear implant treatment performed by

  • A team of audiologists, hearing specialists and pathologists, ENT surgeons, head and neck surgeons, on co-surgeons, etc.
  • The specialists and surgeons are well qualified (MBBS, MS, ENT Specialist, DLO) and professional.
  • Serving the best hospitals in India for more than 25 years i.e highly experienced as involved in various researches.
  • The Specialists are currently associated with the unit head, member with various community and hospitals.

What happens during cochlear implant surgery?

Cochlear Implant Surgery is done in an operation theatre of hospital or clinic. The surgery lasted two to four hours. You are given a medication (general anesthesia) to sleep during the procedure.

  • The general anesthesia surgeon makes a cut behind the ear and then opens the mastoid bone.
  • The surgeon recognizes facial nerves and makes an opening between them to reach the cochlea, which is then opened. Now, the surgeon inserts the implanted electrode into the cochlea.
  • The surgeon places an electronic device called the receiver under the skin behind the ear, which protects the scalp in this area.
  • The incisions are closed again, and you will be taken to the recovery area and seen closely.
  • You will be discharged after at least two hours of observation.


Learning to make use of a cochlear implant is a slow process. It will probably require visits with speech-language audiologists, pathologists, and counselors. But the commitment, you can experience an enhanced quality of life with a cochlear implant.

You can purchase the latest hearing aids at a fair price through HearingSol, If you need more information or you have a query about Cochlear Implant Surgery or Hearing Loss, just give us a call on +91-9327901950. We are always here to help you.

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