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Cochlear Implant cost in India starts from USD 4000. A few years back, the cochlear implant cost was around $17,000. However, it has been reduced to $6000 because of the initiatives were taken by the government. The cochlear implant surgery cost in other countries, on the other hand, is much more than what it costs in India.

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According to the Times of India, the government is planning to reduce the high cost of cochlear implant surgery so that maximum people can afford this treatment. They are of the view to trash the cost less than 1 lakh. Earlier the price of the surgery was 11 lakh. But now it has been reduced to 6 lakh. As the center invited bids to support the maximum number of disabled people with hearing aids and appliances. The center has also begun to support 500 children annually for cochlear implants.

Let’s discuss and compare the cochlear implant cost in India as well as in other countries.

Cochlear Implant Surgery Cost Comparison

Here is a comparison of the cochlear implant surgery cost in India and other countries:

  • India. $4000
  • The US. $80000
  • Turkey. $37000
  • UAE. $9600

Thus, there is a huge difference between cochlear implant surgery cost in India and abroad. This is especially true when it comes to Western countries such as the UK and the US. As a result, patients from these countries prefer to come to India to get a cochlear implant device.

A number of medical tourists from around the world, especially the UAE and the Arab nations travel to India because of low cochlear implant surgery costs. Some of these countries include Oman, Iraq, Egypt, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Qatar, Egypt, Bangladesh, and Saudi Arabia.

Is Cochlear Implant Cost Different From Cochlear Implant Surgery Cost?

One thing you must note here is that cochlear implant surgery cost is different from cochlear implant cost. The cochlear implant cost in India may vary between $6000 and $10000. On the other hand, it may cost four to five times more in any other country. Even when both the costs are considered, the total expenses in India is much less than abroad.

The final cochlear implant surgery cost further depends on several other factors, including the following:

Cochlear implant cost: The final cochlear implant surgery cost depends on the quality and the type of implant used in the surgery. Cochlear implant cost for quality devices that lasts for many years is more than the temporary ones with less life. The kind of implant used during the surgery depends on the condition of the patient and his or her requirements.

A number of days in the hospital: Patients may be required to stay in the hospital for 1 or 2 days after the surgery.

Cost of pre-surgery tests: The surgeons may conduct a few preliminary tests before the cochlear implant device placement surgery. This further adds to the total expenses.

Length of stay in India: The length of stay in India during your visit for cochlear implant device placement may vary between three to six weeks.

Today features and technologies cochlear implant is far different and latest from the previous technology of cochlear implant. The revised and the latest inventions in the processors and devices have improved this cochlear implantation technology. Let’s discuss the latest changes that can be observed in today’s devices.

Latest Cochlear Implant Technology In India

Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor

Nucleus 7 Sound Processor

The Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor is the world’s first and only smallest and lightest behind the ear cochlear implant sound processor. Through this sound processor, you can control directly from your smartphone. You can stream phone calls, videos, music, and entertainment directly to your nucleus 7 processor. Cochlear™ Wireless Phone Clip will enable you to enjoy calls, music wirelessly.

Nucleus 6 – The latest in microchip technology

Nucleus 6 is powered by a new, custom-designed micro chip – five times more powerful than the chip in Nucleus 5 – delivering impressive capabilities to both recipients and hearing professionals. It has the following features :

  • Superior hearing performance
  • Fully automated
  • True wireless freedom
  • Use natural hearing
  • Smallest sound processor
  • Water-resistant

A New Low Power Signal Processing Chip

Researchers at MIT’s Microsystems Technology Laboratory, together with physicians from Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary have developed a cochlear implant that requires no external hardware. It is wirelessly recharged and would run for 8 hours with each charge. It is different from the existing cochlear implant in the following ways:

  • Wireless connectivity as an existing cochlear implant consists of disc-shaped transmitters, wire along with external power source.
  • Uses the natural microphone of the middle ear which is almost always intact in cochlear implant patients.
  • It lowers the power requirement of the converter chip.

Synchrony Cochlear Implant System

Synchrony Cochlear implant system

This advanced Synchrony system possesses the following characteristics :

Unparalleled and unmatched MRI Safety – The self-aligning implant magnet provides unmatched comfort, security, and peace of mind during an MRI scan.

Smallest Titanium Implant – The smallest and lightest titanium cochlear implant available makes it the ideal choice, even for the youngest candidates.

Proven Stability – It consists of small titanium fixation pins that secure the implant in place, ensuring stability for long-term safety and reliability.

Flexible Electrodes – The soft, flexible electrodes in the system provides a variety of suitable and add appropriate choices to the people.

Cochlear Implant Accessories Online India

These cochlear implant accessories let you hear the sounds from the far distance and in the noisy environment.

Cochlear™ Wireless Mini Microphone 2+

Mini Microphone 2+
  • It has been designed with peak performance in mind.
  • Flexibility for person-to-person and group communication.
  • Provides complete connectivity (FM, Telecoil, line-in jack).
  • It is perfect for people who need to communicate with individuals and in groups.
  • Ideal for use at the workplace or school.

Mini Microphone

Mini microphone

  • 8.5 hours talk time on a single battery charge.
  • Activates at the push of a button.
  • Reconnects automatically when the signal is broken.
  • Private and secure connection.
  • The range is up to seven meters.
  • Easy-to-use volume control.
  • Recharges in a maximum of three hours with the included charger.

Wireless Phone Clip

  • Six hours of talk time.
  • 80 hours of standby time.
  • Call reject and tracker, the last number dialed and voice dial functions.
  • Simultaneous connection to two Bluetooth devices (such as a smartphone and tablet).
  • The quality stereo sound when streaming music.
  • Private and secure connection.

Wireless TV Streamer

source :

  • Always stays paired.
  • Pairs with as many sound processors as desired.
  • Reconnects automatically if you leave the room and return within five minutes.
  • The range of up to seven meters.
  • Supports analog and digital inputs.

Cochlear Implant Insurance Coverage In India

If the hearing loss is acquired after getting the policy and is not congenital (from birth), the insurance would have to cover the treatment up to the sum assured in the policy unless cochlear implants are in the policy’s exclusion list that you agreed to when the policy was purchased.

cochlear implant insurance coverage

Insurance companies in India have reimbursed for cochlear implants for congenital deafness too since technically it is difficult for a doctor to say if the deafness was congenital or acquired a few months after birth. You can contact parents groups/associations or contact a clinic that has carried out more cochlear implant procedures since they would be able to put you in contact with such recipients who can then choose to guide you on how they went about it.

If it is a group policy purchased by an employer having thousands of employees then the insurance company is more likely to pay for a cochlear implant since they would not like to lose a big customer. However, your child’s deafness may be covered under health policy. It is very rare that the cochlear implant surgery is covered by medical insurance in India. Certain state governments and central government may provide coverage for cochlear implant surgery. But state governments have the state-specific policy.

Do Insurance Companies Pay For The Cochlear Implant In India?

As cochlear implants are recognized as a standard treatment for severe-to-profound nerve deafness, most insurance companies cover them. In 2004, Medicare, Medicaid, the Veteran’s Administration, and other public health care plans cover cochlear implant treatment. In 2004, more than 90 percent of all commercial health plans cover cochlear implants. Cochlear implant centers usually take the responsibility of obtaining prior authorization from the appropriate insurance company prior to the surgery.

Cochlear Implant Surgeon In India

Today cochlear implantation is solving the hearing problems of maximum people. At hearing sol, we use the latest and most innovative hearing devices available at a reasonable cost. Here, cochlear implant surgery is done in order to relieve the patients from bilateral deafness, sensorineural hearing loss, and impaired inner ear. The credit of all these successful treatments goes to our team of doctors, hearing specialists, and surgeons.

Yes, We, Hearing sol have a team of experienced hearing specialists and cochlear implants surgeon, who is involved in the treatment. We include the latest technology, devices, and researches as done by our specialists in cochlear implant surgery. If you are thinking of cochlear implant treatment, you need to meet an audiologist or ENT surgeon. Then, the appointment will be followed by the preliminary hearing evaluation.

The consultation is to be done with the ENT surgeon prior to the surgery. As the cochlear implant surgeon will guide you about the pre and post-surgical procedures in detail. Then the follow up along with rehabilitation and healing procedure will help you to make the cochlear implant successful. You can believe our specialists and surgeons as they possess the following :

  • We have a team of audiologists, hearing specialists and pathologists, ENT surgeons, Head and neck surgeons, once surgeons, etc.
  • The specialists and surgeons are well qualified (MBBS, MS, ENT Specialist, DLO) and professional.
  • They have been serving in the best hospitals in India for more than 25 years. They are highly experienced as involved in various researches.
  • Our team of specialists is currently associated with the unit head, member, and have fellowship with various community and hospitals.

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Cost Of The Cochlear Implant In Different Hospital In India

As it is well said that the cost depends upon the facilities provided by the institutions. Sometimes, they judge the particular hospital according to the cost. They may consider the highly expensive hospital better than low-cost services. Well, this is not always right. Let’s analyze the price of cochlear implantation in different hospitals in India.

Now the center has invited the bids to support the maximum number of deaf people. For this, the cost of cochlear implant treatment has been reduced to 6 lakh. Earlier the minimum cost of cochlear implantation was 11 lakh. But now the trending cost is 4.70 lakh. And the state government specifies the terms of the cochlear implant cost for the specific state.

You may observe the difference in the price of cochlear implantation in the private as well as in the government. In government hospitals, the cost is relatively low and reasonable. It is up to the reach of the common people. Well, the government is thinking to reduce the cochlear implant cost to less than 1 lakh. But the trending cost is observed up to 4 lakh in government hospitals.

The price range difference can be observed in private hospitals. According to the recent searches, the minimum price has been concluded as Rs 422, 365. Thus the maximum range of cochlear implant costs can be recognized as 6 lakhs to 1 crore. Various hospitals are still expensive for cochlear implantation and beyond the reach of the common man.

Cochlear Implant Course In India

With the growing trends in advanced technology and researches, it is necessary to involve more specialists for further development and progress. Therefore an increase in the field of Cochlear implantation can be a boon to the country. Various institutions and colleges have designed various modules and courses for the cochlear implant.

The courses consist of the training programs for the postgraduates, programs, and specified curriculum for the undergraduates and fellowship programs for the specialists. Thus the cochlear implant courses are for ENT postgraduate students, Junior consultants in the first five years of their private practice, Senior surgeons who wish to acquire new skills necessary for endoscopic surgery.

The courses include recorded lectures for convenient viewing anytime, self-correcting knowledge assessments, online discussion boards, live web classes, and a hands-on temporal bone lab. They include surgical as well as nonsurgical topics through the excellent training and experience provided in the fellowship.

The surgical topics include Incision & Fixation, Mastoidectomy, Adaptive Cochleostomy, Ossification, Dysplasia, Very Young Children, Device Failure, Reimplantation, etc. The nonsurgical topics are included with the surgical topics. You may find the course description, online curriculum, and program instructions of the particular institutions.

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