How To Handle A Hearing Aid Emergency?

If you wear hearing aids, you know how crucial they are to your life, and including to your safety. But what to do if your hearing aids get wet or fall down the drain?

There are so many ways to handle a hearing aid emergency for its safety. If the hearing device disaster strikes then you can feel disoriented or confused. You don’t know what to do next. Here are some of the best ways to handle an emergency of hearing aids which are as follows :

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What to do when your hearing aids fall out

Suppose you are traveling and suddenly you found that hearing aid is not present in your ear. First of all, check your clothes and pat yourself down starting at your head. It is important to try to remember the last time when you aware of the hearing device. You need attention and carefulness.

Prevent losing your hearing aids

When you remove your scarf, hat, and anything that touches your head, neck, and ears then you make sure that whether your hearing machine is in your ears or not. The hearing aids clip, it is the most important part of the hearing aids which can keep your device attached to you.

Hearing aids disaster prevention in the bathroom

The bathroom is the most selected place where the chances of destroying the hearing device are maximum. As you go for a bath and remove the hearing machine and put it anywhere in the bathroom.

To avoid this type of problem, you can put the hearing aids in a safe place in your bathroom. In your bathroom, the dangerous places for your hearing device are the toilet, bathtub, and the drain. Small drawers or cupboards in the bathroom will keep your hearing aids safely.

Prevent hearing aids underwater

Today’s the hearing aids are the most comfortable device. Due to this, it has become easy to remove the hearing machine at any time. Before the entrance to the swimming pool, you make sure that if your hearing device is removed or not.

Normally, It does not happen but in vacation time, the possibility of damage the hearing aids may be increased. Because it’s not in your daily routine.

So, make sure that whether hearing aids are removed or not before entering into the swimming pool or shower. To avoid this problem, you can write a note on your towel that can you remind you of removing the hearing device before the entrance to the swimming pool or shower.

Hearing Machine Safety

This instrument needs to be protected during warm summers months. It brings hazards like exposure to water and heat. It needs proper care and maintenance. Here are some few steps to protect your hearing machine:

  • Avoid from Moisture
  • Protect is from direct sunlight
  • Beat the heat
  • Watch the sunscreen
  • Remove it before you take a shower
  • Give your batteries a rest


Keep in mind, your hearing loss does not have to place you at a disadvantage in the event of an emergency. With the help of planning, community support and preparation, you can have peace of mind knowing you will stay safe and informed during an emergency. Simple steps can be taken to prevent your ear machine.

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