What are the different types of speech therapy?

Speech therapy is a treatment for improving speech, language as well as communication disorders. This therapy is used to treat adults and children. Especially the adults and children who are facing difficulty while communicating and understanding other languages.

However, It also helps people who have difficulty in sharing thoughts and ideas with others. It treats people who have a problem in swallowing, eating and drinking. There are a number of causes of speech therapy such as brain injury, stroke, development delay, hearing loss, cerebral palsy, cleft palate, emotional problems. The speech therapists are health professionals who assess, diagnose and treat speech. Therapists use different types of speech therapies for improving speech, language and swallowing disorders. The therapy differs from one person to another, depending on the disorder.

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Types of Speech Therapy

Misarticulation Therapy – The therapy is for children having week muscles, speech immaturity. Also, The therapy treats who has less control over the tongue or respiratory system.

Phonation Therapy – If your child is having trouble in the initial stage of talking like saying boo to blue, this therapy is considered.

Articulation Therapy – This therapy is for those children who have trouble in making the sound.

Stammering Therapy – This therapy is suggested for people who stammer while speaking.

Cluttering Therapy – People who have a problem with speech clarity and fluency, need this therapy.

Abdominal Breathing – The therapy is useful for children who have difficulty breathing

Types of Speech Therapists

Pediatric Speech Therapist 

These therapists focus on children who have communication issues. They need special exercises and treatment. Pediatric speech therapists can work in schools, clinics, and hospitals. These speech therapists may even work with infants who have difficulty swallowing or feeding.

Adult Speech Therapists

These therapists help an adult who has trauma to their head or brain, or an illness that affects their speech. Adult speech therapists may work in rehab centers, hospitals, private settings, and nursing homes, etc.

Management Positions

You may wish to take your career to another level by moving into management. You could work as a supervisor or manager in a rehab facility, nursing home, or a facility that deals with individuals with developmental delays, etc.

Speech Therapy for Stuttering

Stuttering is a type of behavioral problem that develops during childhood but can develop during adulthood as well. Speech therapists will help in stuttering by a common method that may be used on your child is to teach them to control the rate of speech. Most of the time speaking too quickly can make stuttering worse for some people.

Therapy for Aphasia

It is a condition in which is the child is having difficulty in speaking. There is damage to the brain in aphasia. The person suffering from aphasia face the problem in listening, reading and writing. Speech therapist plays a very vital role in the therapy of aphasia. The person is diagnosed by the specialist and evaluates its ability to comprehend others and express themselves. These are some common methods

  • Drills improve the skills of the language of an individual.
  • Group therapy increases the ability to speak with others and also helps in understanding the conversation of the others.
  • As some of the patients are shy at starting. Use of gestures to enhance the level of an individual.
  • By using writing skills patients can express themselves.

Travel Speech Therapists

These types of therapy jobs are perfect for the therapist who wants to see the country and experience a wide range of rehab techniques and patients. Some travel therapists work for just a few months or years. Most of them make a career in the travel therapy sector.

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