How to Use Hearing Aids?

You went to your audiologist about a hearing problem and then purchase the best hearing aid.  But now questions will pop into your mind like “How to use hearing aids” and also “how you can use the specification and hearing aid settings?”  So here are the basic usage guidelines of hearing devices through which you can learn how to use hearing devices.

Use Hearing Aids

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The hearing machine helps you to listen better but not perfectly. You have to focus on your improvement and the perfect learning curve can take anywhere between six weeks to six months. Success will reach you from your practice and commitment. When you start using hearing aids your brain will be startled to get the signals which have been missing.

Steps on How To Insert Hearing Aids

Firstly you have read user manual book which you will get with your ear machine and follow these steps –

  • Put the earpiece at the correct angle and keep in mind that the sound output is at the bottom.
  • Before inserting the top portion, place the sound tip into your ear. Push your hearing device as far as it will go.
  • The hearing aid has to get fixed at a position and need to move with your normal head movement.
  • Now you can switch on your hearing aid machine.

After knowing the functionality of hearing devices, you have to test your device. Put the earpiece in an ear canal and hearing aid should place behind your ear, put the hearing aid battery in the correct section. Ensure that your device has been properly fitted to your ear or not, for that you have inserted and removed several times. Startlingly, It will feel awkward but after some time it will be comfortable.

Tips for better Use of Hearing Aids

  • Don’t get discouraged if it feels funny at first.
  • At first, wear only for a few hours in a day.
  • Start it in a quiet room.
  • Don’t play with the volume high.
  • Mostly talking to people in groups.
  • Ask your close ones to watch the TV to a “normal” volume.
  • Watch movies or television with captions or subtitles.
  • Also, Listen to the book’s audio recording while you read.
  • Read aloud to yourself.
  • Have some exercises with closing eyes
  • Easily talk on the phone by putting it on your device microphone.

First Time Users

Give Time To Yourself

When you put on your listening devices, find a quiet place at home to sit. This will enable you to become adjust to the new sound quality. There will likely be various sounds that may appear to be loud at first–, for example, the murmur of the cooling, the clock ticking, or the signaling of your microwave oven.  Since you haven’t heard these sounds appropriately in some time. This is totally typical. Your brain is simply getting adjust these sounds.

Start Slowly

Re-securing your hearing capabilities takes practice. When you’re utilizing a portable hearing aid for the first time, begin by wearing them for just a couple of hours on end. If you get tired of wearing them evacuate them. However, attempt to wear them a little longer. The more you wear them, the better you’ll get at distinguishing sounds and can concentrate on what you’re hearing.

Group Conversations

Join group conversations with loved ones. Your family and friends will help you to enhance the skills of your hearing. Be comfortable while you are speaking in front of your loved ones. Keep practicing so that your brain can adjust itself.

Have Patience

Be patient while wearing hearing aids for the first times. The brain takes time to adjust according to the hearing aids. There is a concept of 21 days in psychology. If you do work for 21 days constantly than it will become your habit.

In case, you have any problem with your hearing aid then, consult your audiologist. But you should consult your doctor if your ears bleeding, ear infection, dizziness, and pain in your ears after using your ear machine.

Adjustment Period of Hearing Aids

To get accustomed to your hearing machine it can take up to four months after that you will really receive most out of them. You will realize little changes from starting, but it’s important to be patients. If you have any question or query in your mind you can contact our hearing care professionals for help. It can be also adjusted during the trial period.

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