How Does Hearing Loss Affect School Performance?

If your child has difficulty in writing, reading and is inattentive in class most of the time. Consider the possibility that your child might have hearing loss. According to Asha ( Accredited Social Health Activist), three out of ten babies have hearing loss. It also states that 131 school children out of 1000 have some type of hearing loss and that affects their learning and development.

Hearing loss not only affects child communication but also delays his development.  Unilateral (hearing in only one ear) hearing loss affects school performance in children. If in any case hearing loss is detected late or undetected, then it affects the child’s school performance and social interaction. In many ways, hearing loss affects school performance.

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Effects of hearing loss on school performance –

  • Due to hearing loss children misread communication clues, miss classroom instruction in school. As a result, it tends to poor academic and co-curricular performance.
  • Develops low self-esteem in children due to lack of confidence. The child suffers from less confidence, pessimism, personality disorders, inferior complexity, etc.
  • Children who have mild to moderate hearing loss have difficulty passing the class. Thus the scholastic, as well as non-scholastic performances, reduces with increase in hearing loss.
  • A high rate of stress, conflict, and depression among parents, teachers, and children.
  • Children have difficulty in localizing sounds, understanding speech mostly in the noise-induced hearing loss.
  • A loss of biannual ( both the ear) listening advantage or unilateral hearing loss affects the child overall development including personality development. The development and performance rate hinders due to hearing loss in children.
  • Lower performance on verbal IQ tests – Verbal IQ tests totally dependent on listening and speaking abilities. If the child has hearing loss, then you can’t expect him to do well in verbal IQ tests.
  • Poor spelling and reading performance – The children are unable to listen to the proper sounds of the variables and words in the class. This affects their reading abilities and he shows poor reading performance.
  • Hearing loss leads to poor social skills – Due to this, the child wants to stay away from his groups, peers, classmates and even teachers. Thus socialization tends to lose in the child. This prohibits the children to participate in group activities. As a result, this weakens the child overall performance.
  • The child suffering from hearing disorders also suffers from communication, language, social, and ear disorders.

How to help these children to improve school performance

  • You should understand the needs of the child as a teacher as well as a parent too.
  • Extra classes can be organized for children to improve their academic performance.
  • The children should be cared for, attended under the supervision of audiologists.
  • Assistive listening devices in the school can help these children.
  • There can be the organization of activities related to the awareness towards hearing loss for parents and children.

Classroom activities

While the children of school age need a teacher to learn the hard words of their text. There are many other listenings, learning and social situations that may be affected by a hearing loss.

  • Beginning statement and morning announcement
  • Auxiliary Audio
  • collaborative learning
  • Field trips and Sports
  • Transitions and Topic Changes


The earlier your child is tested, diagnosed and treated for any hearing loss, the greater their chances of realizing their full educational potential. Early intervention gives your child the best chance of being ready to attend mainstream schools. Develop your best speech and language skills and generally lead a happy and confident school life.


If you think your child may have hearing loss, the good news is there are now more and vast hearing technologies than ever before that can improve, not only their school performance but their overall quality of life.

The very important thing is to have them tested early as you suspect the problem. The sooner you can determine the cause, the faster your child can be on their way to hearing the world in a better and new way.

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