What activities can damage hearing aids?

On a daily basis, we put ourselves in situations that can damage our hearing. Normally, You can wear hearing aids during any activities, but some activities can damage hearing aids. You can wear hearing devices safely because there are some activities which do not affect the hearing machine. They are extremely useful devices helps to increase a person’s ability to hear.

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Hearing aids are small electronic devices and it should be handled with care. There are many ways from which hearing machine can be damaged and they are not cheap to repair. You can schedule an appointment with our audiologist to discuss what kind of prevention you should follow to keep them in optimal shape.

There are some activities which are too risky or vigorous that affects the components of the hearing aids directly. Before participating in these types of activities, you have to remove your hearing aids surely.

Activities Which Can Damage Hearing Aid

Outdoor Concerts

We discovered that most people are doubtful to think about protecting their hearing aids while enjoying concerts, it can be an outdoor concert or music festival. But unlike to indoor concerts where the sound is absorbed, at outdoor it causes the band to turn up the music even louder. So you can choose lawn seats and sit away from speakers from damaging your hearing.

Showering and Swimming

The shower and Swimming pool may be hazardous to your hearing device because some of the hearing devices are not water resistant. You make sure that you remove the hearing aids either your hearing device are waterproof before going to shower or a swim.

Contact Sports

There are many kinds of contact sports like Football, Hockey, and Rugby. While playing these games, hearing aids should be avoided because these games are more aggressive contact sports.

While you are playing these games then due to aggressive contact, the hearing aids may get knocked out and damaged. They can be easily trampled on and destroyed by the other players. Therefore, it is best to keep your hearing aids safe and try not to wear while playing any kind of contact sports.

Sleeping Time

Normally, during sleep, you don’t need to wear your hearing aids. Wearing a hearing aid while sleeping can also lead to unnecessary wax accumulation.

Always keep your hearing aid at some safe place before going to take a nap. And also, open the hearing aid battery door to let out any excess moisture. Therefore, it is the best way to prevent hearing aids from damage if you go to sleep before going to bed.

Cleaning hearing aids incompletely

Wipe your hearing aids with a soft and dry cloth instead of cleaning it with alcohol.

Dropping hearing aids

Dropping them on a hard surface from any height can damage them. To reduce the risk of dropping your hearing aids, make sure you handle them over soft surfaces or sit down while you’re inserting them.

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