Use Smartphone Remote Control App for your Hearing Aids

Remote control app and smartphone hearing aid control

Hearing aid devices help to overcome hearing loss problem. If the “hearing aids” is a new term for you then let me make you feel familiar with this term. With the help of hearing aid people can improve their hearing. Hearing cannot recover completely but it can be improved by using hearing aid devices. There are various types of hearing aid devices are available in the market with different technology, features, and colors. Now the main point is how a smartphone works as a remote control for hearing aid.

As we know the development of hearing aid following the same track as other new technologies area. When you going to purchase hearing aid devices then firstly check out the new updates regarding the hearing aid and its technologies which help you to overcome your hearing and speech-language with the development. Its a smart move to check out information on the internet about hearing aid before purchasing it.

Remote control app

Sometimes we hear from hearing loss patients that they have a rough time operating the small buttons on their digital hearing aid device. We consider that it can be a real frustration. Fortunately, we have a couple of choices that will make it easier for you to personally instruct in form of program and have success with your hearing aid devices.

Currently, there are many hearing aid brand manufacturers that provide smartphone Apps to Assist with Hearing:

Siemens provides a remote control with intelligent one-button control. The Siemens release miniTek Remote App that helps you to convert your smartphone into a remote control and through that, you can adjust the settings of the hearing aids. Click here for more information.

Oticon connects directly to your iPhone, so you can use your phone like everyone else. Connect your hearing aids to different audio devices and use them at a volume that suits you. Click here for more info.

GN Resound has released a similar App called ReSound Control. ReSound apps provide discreet control to make adjustments to your hearing aids. Click here to install.

Phonak has released an App for treating tinnitus called The Tinnitus Balance App. Click here for more information.

Smart-phones are also playing the vital role in advanced technology. Now you can say as smart-phone is used to connect with the hearing aid it is becoming a really helpful resource for deaf people or people who have hearing problems. Giving iPhone users a ton of new features and functionality represent a lot about iPhone itself. After all much of that technology has not made it’s way to Android phones, leaving plenty of smart-phones users wondering which hearing aid are most android friendly. To check out which hearing aid will work best for your smartphones device- you need to conclude that how you want your hearing aids and cellphone to work together for better performance. 

Use your hearing aids control

Your hearing aids are designed to adjust your everyday listening situations in any environment. Following are the  several ways to adjust volume and memory:

  • Many hearing aids have features push buttons to adjust volume, mobile app or accessory. These can be configured by your hearing expert to perform a number of functions, such as adjusting volume and switching between memories.
  • Many hearing aids have options for adjusting hearing aid settings. These accessories are compatible for use with Muse, SoundLens Synergy and Z Series devices, as well as some earlier generations of hearing aids.
  • Some hearing aids, like our Halo 2 devices, are designed to be paired with a smartphone and controlled remotely by a mobile application. Some app allows users to change volume and memory, as well as create custom memories without ever touching their hearing aids.

Working Of smartphone

Your smart-phone will work as a remote control as it has some advanced features and technology which help you to control your hearing aid devices by using it in manner. If what you’d like is to easily response a call as you’ve always compassed and hold the phone to your ear and hear clearly, then any properly programmed hearing aid will do the job- you just need to make sure your smart-phone is hearing aid friendly.

If you are glancing for your hearing aids device and smartphone to have more advanced features and functionality, then there are mainly two options out there are as follows:

  • Firstly You can get hearing aid devices that can be controlled by your smartphone with no intermediate device.
  • Second You can easily get hearing aids that can be remotely controlled by your smartphone or streamer + stream music, calls, and more, with an intermediate device.

Connected to the hearing aid device with the new updated smart-Phone Clip+ accessory, the applications turns the smart-phone into a remote control for the advanced hearing aid device. Some Features include easy adjustment of volume, choosing sound programs and other controlling buttons.

“What we have to put into the hands of our users is a world’s first prior. Not a single other manufacturer has been able to bring a similar product to the market. So simply we are quite proud of the fact that we have been able to combine our hardware products with a mobile solution in this manner. We are certainly, it will be really helpful to our hearing aid customers”.

Hearing device Connect with Smart Phones

When concluding to build the remote control application also decided to partner with some app to develop the user interface. Integrate with the hardware product and make the better solutions available in App Store and Google Play.  As smart-phones with hearing aids become more sophisticated, the plenty of app allowing users to link them seamlessly keeps growing— the style shows no sign of slowing.

The application plays indicator tones, which are decoded to make particular changes to the user’s hearing aids. For most of the people, the hearing aid device has faced some difficulty in detecting the indicator tones. Although some listeners report that the tones sometimes draw unwanted care or attention. To work certainly, because T2 feature must be enabled in the fitting software.

Hearing aid Devices 

Wireless streaming has been possible for people for a number of years. Several manufacturers offer streamers, which is used to connect wireless to a short of technology. Like telephone, television or music player—via Bluetooth or another proprietary wireless protocol.

Streamers are also known as intermediary devices. Which is transmit an audio signal to the hearing aid device(s). This kind of streaming allows a listener to connect with many various types of technology and media with relative ease—and then with personalized boost settings applied to all of the audio signals.

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Two of these manufacturers companies—GN Resound and Siemens—have created applications that work in tandem with the streaming device to allow remote control of the hearing aid device’s settings, rather than ruling the aids directly. GN Resound’s application, Control, is available for Apple devices and some Android devices. This app is also called “miniTek Remote” and is available for Android.

In both cases, people can control their hearing aid device’s volume and program settings without interfering with an intermediary device. People reviews are really positive for both the applications. Although some people report difficulty establishing or maintaining a connection to the intermediate device.

iPhone and hearing aid compatibility

In the last year, some manufacturers released hearing aid devices with the Apple-approved “made for iPhone” label. It is allowing patients to stream sound directly from their Apple iPhone without an intermediate device. The accompanying applications also have suitable features that include control of volume, frequency shaping, preference settings, geotagging and much more.

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And this is just a beginning. As more manufacturers release “made for iPhone” devices and applications, our users’ choice will continue to expand. These applications aren’t good, there are certainly some tech-savvy patients out there who might appreciate the connectivity these applications provide.

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