Orion Hearing Aid

Orion Hearing Aid

The Orion Hearing aid is the high resolution, feedback cancellation, and directivity hearing aid. All models include smart speech understanding and comfort to listening expertise as per the wearer’s sound preferences and wishes. Plus, Orion offers wireless property options: Via the straightforward take, it will stream audio from most Bluetooth-enabled devices. And it’s remotely governable via the easy Take App and also the bit management App, therefore, providing a discreet hearing test resolution to the majority your customers. We strive to bring the music of life to your ears with the Orion vary of BTE hearing instruments. No matter it’s you wish to listen, you’ll be able to believe on Orion hearing instruments to assist you to connect together with your world and also the individuals in it.

Their increased technology quickly adapts to your hearing wants, creating automatic changes and exploit you liberal to specifically in the life. Orion BTE hearing instruments assist you actually get pleasure from the sounds that set the scene for your reminiscences. It is formed to suit every distinctive ear and each individual. That includes resistant housings and fashionable technology, every of the 9 BTE and custom models. Orion’s flexibility, broad fitting vary and dependable audiological performance make sure that you’ll supply your customers improved intelligibility for a fine listening expertise in any state of affairs.


  • Multichannel compression and limitation
  • Directional microphones
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Excellent feedback cancellation
  • Tinnitus noiser
  • Optional frequency compression
  • Wind noise suppression
  • Built-in Telecoil in Orion RIC, M, P and SP models
  • Optional audio shoe for Orion M, P and SP models

Reliable design

BTE models available with:

  • IP67 rating
  • Nano-coated housing
  • Nano-coated membranes
  • Closed frame
  • Rubber gasket

Custom models available with:

  • Optional Optivent ventilation
  • Nano-coated microphone membrane
  • Rotary volume control

Orion BTE hearing instruments are fine-tuned and made to last:

  • The large range ensures that you can find the perfect hearing instrument to fit your needs
  • Orion’s microphones focus on sound from in front of you while reducing background noise.
  • Optional wireless property
  • Enables use of remote controls for straightforward and discreet manual changes
  • Improves spatial hearing by serving to left and right hearing aids work along
  • Excellent feedback cancellation prevents plague whistling noises.
  • Convenient controls create the Orion RIC simple to use
  • Select models embody a intrinsic Telecoil
  • Orion RIC offers exchangeable housing just in case your color preference changes
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