Insio Hearing Aid

Insio Hearing Aid

Insio Hearing Aid is available in ITE( in the ear), ITC (in the canal), IIC(Invisible in the canal) or small CIC( Complete in the canal) style and it is tiny in size and easily fit into the ear canal. Siemens is one of the big Hearing Aid Company. It provides different types of hearing aids in which one of them is Insio Hearing Aid. It is used by people who has tinnitus hearing loss. It is based on advanced wireless technology and discreet or digital signal. This hearing device provides excellent sound quality and speech understanding.

The Insio Hearing device has ability to change settings or programs easily with the help of optional remote control and free touch control smartphone app. The touch Control App controls the smallest Insio IIC( Invisible In the Canal). This device works on binax technology which has virtual microphone and audio signal is exchanged between left and right hearing devices. The Insio hearing aid is placed directly in front of ear drum of the ear canals.

Insio Hearing Aid has many features:-

Easy to use:- The eclipse hearing aid is easy to use hearing device. It can be placed and removed easily and quickly. It has no risk of aid damage. It is easy to replace hearing aid battery. It is placed into the ear canal with help of machine. It is available in different sizes.

Program Changing:- Program is changed and select specific hearing program with the help of program change button.

Volume control:- This device can control volume level from low to high or high to low. The volume is setup at desirable level.

Noise Management:- The Insio hearing device manages the noise and speech. It eliminates the background noise or error and produces clear sound quality. It helps to improve human’s hearing sensitivity or ability.

Stop to Feedback:- When any worst feedback occurs then it is eliminated by this hearing aid. The bad signal is not present in this.It stops frequently error feedback or signals. Due to this, It gives good accuracy.

Directional Microphone:-It has directional microphone. You can concentrate on the sound of your conversation partner with the help of directional microphone. Siemen Insio Hearing device features are controlled with the help of touchControl smartphone app by your iPhone or Android phone. This is unique quality in this device.

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