Sparx Hearing Aid

Understanding Sparx Hearing Aid

When your clients need the most power a hearing aid can give, ReSound Sparx is the perfect choice. Specifically designed with the needs of super-power users in mind, ReSound Sparx uses the best of ReSound technology to offer maximum power without discomfort.True super-power with extra gain:

  • The most powerful super-power instrument on the market (146 dB SPL Peak Output and 86 dB Max Gain)
  • Best-in-class DFS
  • The most usable gain in the category with up to 20 dB of extra headroom
  • Multi-channel MPO: Six customizable handles

Output compression options: Choice of maximum power or smoother sound quality at maximum outputs and quality of sound beyond comparison:

  • 9-band WARP provides excellent sound quality with superior frequency resolution (especially in the important low frequencies for Severe to Profound Hearing Loss)
  • Choice of linear or WDRC sound processing