Where To Recycle Hearing Aid Batteries?

The most challenging part of adapting is the batteries that power up your hearing aid. These hearing aid batteries are very small that’s why they lost easily and also these batteries need to be changed regularly. Working time of batteries will depend upon the size, power level of hearing devices and also if you are using wireless features.

Now, the matter is what to do with the old batteries? Are you thinking to buy a new one or recycle it for further use? Well, it’s a very important fact that it highly depends on the material that is contained in the battery. Let’s discuss how and when to recycle your hearing aid batteries.

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Why You Shouldn’t Throw Your Zinc Batteries Away

These type of batteries used in most hearing devices come in different sizes, which use air as an energy source. You have to be very careful while disposing of these batteries or all other hearing aids batteries because zinc-air batteries contain zinc, which is toxic and never is thrown with the household waste.

Why you should recycle hearing aid batteries?

Recycle Hearing Aid Batteries

If your batteries contain mercury, you should make your mind to recycle them. In order to ensure whether your batteries are mercury free or not refer to the packaging. If it is mercury free, you should dispose of it.

Recycle your batteries is a better option. There are many municipalities drop-offs centers which have the drop off boxes for these zinc-air batteries. These used batteries will be processed and their toxic element will be removed by recycling and sold it for reuse in different industries. The batteries with mercury should be taken to the recycling center as they accept the batteries with mercury.

Similarly, there is so many different hearing aid batteries are made with toxic metals which may be harmful to the environment and people. In zinc-air batteries zinc are common and also in mercury oxide, mercury are common components. When these batteries are thrown with the household waste and dump, the metals can harm our environment as well as around also. In some states, It is banned in some countries to throw the zinc air batteries.

Where you can recycle your hearing aid batteries?

If you are opting to recycle your batteries with mercury you must visit the recycling center for the purpose. They will accept these batteries for the recycling process.

When it’s time to dispose of your batteries, there are several options:

  • Contact your hearing devices provider. In many cases, providers also offer battery recycling to make the process as easy as possible for customers.
  • Reach out to your offices to ask about recycling programs in your area and how to take advantage of them.
  • Call electronics retailers in your area about battery recycling programs they may offer.

Maintenance of your battery help our environment or people and reduce the need of recycling the batteries. Ensure that keep your batteries in a cool or dry place and put your hearing aids clean and moisture free that can harm your hearing aid battery.

How to recycle hearing aid batteries?

This process includes the extraction of zinc and other toxic elements contained by these batteries. The extracted materials are sold to different industries for the needed one. The remaining material is dumped under the ground. Recycling services provided in many countries not only for the hearing devices batteries. But also for other used batteries like mobile phone, toys, and other devices.

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