How to Win a VA Claim for Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the disease in which can occur because of the sound of ringing and buzzing in the ear. External Noises whistling, hissing, buzzing, swooshing, clicking are coming from the head are also called tinnitus.  

It is the most famous injury claimed by military employees. Did you think that VA claim for tinnitus will win easily?

Well, Proving of VA claim for tinnitus is not easy because it is not easily identified. Chances of winning a VA claim will be less.

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How to Win a VA Claim for Tinnitus?

VA Tinnitus Test

Firstly you need lay evidence for VA claim. If you have the lay evidence which will be given by some layperson, can be proof for your VA disability.

Win a VA Claim for Tinnitus

If you submit proof of when and where you have come into contact with loud noise and also you have developed tinnitus. It can be a proof which will work better to win your claim and the VA must consider it.

If a person can give evidence of your deterioration after some event then this can be a strong point for your claim.

VA Test mainly consists of 3 steps.

  1. You have to prove or show evidence of something happened in service of your connection period.
  2. You have a disability that is ongoing.
  3. Finally, you must show that there is a link between evidence and disability.

VA Tinnitus Rating

Firstly, you have to mention that your one ear will be affected by tinnitus or both.

There are two tests will be done to identify the tinnitus.

Speech discrimination test: This test is performed to identify the ability to clearly hear the speech.

Puretone audiometry test: This test is performed to identify your hearing is affected at which level of noise.

After this test, a score will be given based on the overall percentage score of your hearing to determine your compensation.

How Much Is A 10 VA Disability

A number of factors play a role in VA disability for tinnitus like your score level and pieces of evidence you have. If your VA score is 20% or below rating, then you are eligible to claim for compensation.

Proving Tinnitus VA Claim

Proving tinnitus VA Claim is not easy. It can be proved when you have certain proof or pieces of evidence for the tinnitus disability during your service connection.

If you are unable to prove about your tinnitus disability then it will be impossible for you to get compensation.

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