My hearing aid is ‘dead’, is there anything I can do?

If you care your hearing aid properly and daily, it will serve you well too. Your hearing aid may face various problems like it may start making undesirable sounds like whistling or squealing. The main important thing is what to do if your hearing aid is dead.

Hearing Aid Issues –

  • They aren’t producing any sound
  • They aren’t loud enough
  • They sound funny or distorted
  • They are whistling
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Let’s discuss some of the points that you can go through which are as follows :

Things To Do In Case Your Hearing Aid Is ‘dead

There are a couple of things to verify before making an appointment with your hearing care provider.

Thorough Inspection

Before clarifying about the existence of hearing aid, you should go through complete inspection. For example, find out if your battery power has reduced. Whether your hearing aid damaged due to ear wax or not. Prior inspection before any step is an important activity. Afterward, you can plan what you want to do with your hearing aids. 

Strive for a new battery

If the battery is dead, then you have to visit the store for new batteries. As the battery is the main power source of hearing aid. You can recycle your old batteries. In case of dead batteries replacement of batteries is the best option.

Check the connection of hearing aid with other parts

Confirm the hearing aid isn’t plugged with trash or wax, preventing sound from coming back through.

If you consider the end of the hearing aid and it is plugged with wax, quietly remove it from the opening (if using an earmold with a BTE style) or reinstate the wax filter (if using a RITE or custom style). Hearing aid stops working due to a loose connection.

Check Volume Control Management

Ensure that if you have got a volume control management on your hearing aid that the volume is turned up. The volume button can also mislead you and due to which you conclude that hearing aid is dead.


If none of these things solves the problem, make an appointment to have your hearing aid checked. The hearing health care professional can often make repairs or modifications in-office itself, or they need to send the hearing aid to the manufacturer for repair.

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