What are some basic Speech therapy treatment approaches?

Speech therapy is something that people seek out to help them with speech problems of any intensity. Many patients seek out speech therapy to fight many speech issues, and there are many different approaches that speech therapists use to help their patients to reach their goals.

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Speech therapy treatment approaches are different in every speech and hearing clinic. According to Asha, some of the speech therapy treatment approaches previously focus on articulation production. And also others focus on phonological or language disorder. Therefore, the best approach used in therapy with the same person at different times for different reasons.

Understanding therapy intervention

Physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech, and language therapy can be described and understood at three levels:

  • The overall approach a doctor brings to a case assessment and management.
  • Schools of thought that inform ideas about the proper way to manage a case.
  • Specific techniques, procedures, activities, and tools are used.

The sequence of speech therapy treatment approaches

  • Establishment – Bringing target behavior and also modifying the production on a volume level.
  • Generalization – Making easier the sound production at more challenging levels (words, syllabus and also sentences or phrases).
  • Maintenance – Modifying the target behavior and also making production more automatic. It also encourages self-monitoring of speech of a person.

Target selection

The approaches used primarily for target selection for kids with phonological or language disorder and articulation production include-

  • Development approaches – In this target sounds are selected depending on the acquisition order in the developing kids.
  • Non-development approaches or theoretically motivated approach – It includes complexity, dynamic system, systemic approach.
  • Other approaches – It not only includes client specific targets but also includes selecting targets depending on the impact of intelligibility and the degree of deviance.

Speech therapy treatment approaches –

These approaches are for speech sound problems for a number of people. It includes the individual with a structured based disorder, kids with apraxia of speech, hearing loss and syndrome-based disorders. This treatment also depends on various factors such as the severity of the disorder, types of speech sound errors and the degree of the disorder.  Thus types of speech therapy treatment approaches are as follows:

  • Contextual utilization.
  • Contrast therapy.
  • Cycles Approach.
  • Core Vocabulary approach.
  • Metaphor therapy.
  • Distinctive feature therapy.
  • Non- speech oral motor therapy.
  • Naturalistic Speech intelligibility intervention.
  • Speech sound perception training.


Articulation Therapy

  • For children working on a single sound error or replacement that is not part of a whole class of sounds.
  • Some children have more than one articulation error.
  • Some children have articulation errors in addition to phonological errors.
  • The most direct type of therapy to do this is:
  • Start with sounds in isolation, then nonsense syllables, single words, phrases, sentences, structured conversational work, unstructured conversations.

Phonological Therapy

  • For those children who have phonetic procedures, or have problems with the whole class of sounds.
  • These children are often difficult to understand due to many sound errors.
  • All children use phonological procedures for a certain age, but they disappear within 3-5 years.
  • Therapy is different from articulation because you do not start with sounds in isolation, you start with the minimum number of words to show the difference between the right output and the child’s error.
  • Auditory discrimination, production at a single word level, phrase, sentence, unstructured conversation, structured conversation.


Thus the types of speech therapy depend used is dependant on the user and applicant. Though approaches have variety still we need to focus on these approaches in detail. I hope that you are now fully informed about these therapeutic approaches.

If you need more information or you have a question regarding Basic Speech Therapy Treatment, you can discuss it with our HearingSol healthcare professionals, just give us a call on +91-9327901950. We are always here to help you.

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