What is the clear ‘antennae’ thing on the hearing aid?

A hearing aid works on wireless digital technology which is the advanced technique to hear a clear voice or sound. Most of the people have a question in their mind about the ‘Antennae’ Thing On the hearing aid. This technology uses antennae for transmitting or receiving the signal.

Antennae are present mostly in the ITE (In the ear) and CIC (Completely in the canal) type hearing aids.

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Role of ‘Antennae’ Thing on the Hearing Aid

When sound comes from another side then antennae receive the signal and eliminates the distortion and noise. Antennae are an important part of hearing devices which are used by hearing-impaired people. A hearing aid is also controlled by the remote sensing device, settings are changed by remote. One antenna is present in the device and the other is in the remote.

Remote transmits the signal with help of antenna or hearing device accepts the signal by using an antenna. The hearing device is a directional antenna or microphone that helps to select important speech which you want to hear. It helps to increase our memory level and provides a clear sound at a different level of sound frequencies.

Some hearing aids also have a retrieval cord or antennae to assist the users with the removal of hearing aids. One has to grasp the line firmly and pull the antennae to remove it.

An antenna is for radiating or receiving electromagnetic energy. Its structure is such that it has a first surface turned towards the surroundings and a second surface is present in close proximity of the battery.

Therefore, an antenna plays the role of :

  • Wireless transmission or reception of electromagnetic signals.
  • A signal processing device
  • Output and input transducer
  • Acts as a charging loop for the battery
  • Provides assistant to the hearing aid users to remove it properly.


The telecoil, a little wire looped around a pole situated inside your amplifiers. It works as a receiving wire (antenna) to get attractive flags and streams them as sound into your portable amplifiers. With this T-setting, your listening devices can stream the sound of a speaker’s voice or the music of the musical drama straightforwardly into your ears – with no troubles.

How Does It Work?

A telecoil acts as a sort of antenna for your ears. When you link this up with a sound system in a church or theater, you can get amplified sounds delivered directly into your hearing aids. So no matter where you are in the theater or in the house.

Hearing aid microphones are designed to pick up all sounds. It’s important to tune in to only one thing – like when you’re listening to a concert or sitting in a classroom.

Using a telecoil with a loop system can improve the sound quality in situations with a lot of background noise. They’re also good for when you’re sitting far away from the sound you want to hear.

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