What Are Differences Between Autism And Dyslexia?

There are so many differences between Autism And Dyslexia. They both are linked to the way the brain processes information. First of all, I want to discuss What is Autism and Dyslexia?


Autism is a lifelong neurological or developmental disability. That affects the behavior and communication of the person or child. Another name of the Autism is as Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD.

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Due to this type of disorder, a person can not interact with others properly. Some of the selected symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder as listed below:

  • Communication Difficulties
  • Social Challenges
  • Restricted Interests
  • Repetitive Behavior
  • Overly Focus on Certain Object
  • A Tendency to be Withdrawn


Dyslexia is a type of learning disorder. Suffering from this type of disorder, a child can not read properly. Because dyslexia is a specific learning disability. Due to this, the kids are not able to read accurately and fluently.

Some of the selected symptoms of Dyslexia as listed below:

  • Learning new words slowly
  • Late Talking
  • Inability  to sound out the pronunciation of unfamiliar words
  • Avoiding all activities that involve in reading
  • Problems remembering the sequence of things
  • Difficulty in summarizing a story
  • Trouble learning a foreign language
  • Difficulty in memorizing

The Difference between Autism and Dyslexia

Difference between Autism and Dyslexia

Basically, Autism and Dyslexia are interlinked together. But genuinely, some different from each other.

The Dyslexia is a genetic condition but it is not pervasive and affects only two small regions of the brain. While the Autism is also a genetic developmental disorder but it is pervasive and affects the full region of the brain.

The Dyslexia may also be acquired the brain injury. While in the case of Autism, there is no need of any brain injury.

The Dyslexia is a classed of Learning disorder. While in Autism, It can not.

The two disorders are physically different and these are also neurologically different.

Autism is a type of disorder in which there are a number of impairments such as social skills being one of the most crucial ones. While in Dyslexia, it is a problem where the mind has trouble interpreting the visual things.

Is dyslexia a form of autism?

Autism and dyslexia link which each other in the way the brain processes information. This is the reason it is not uncommon for people on the spectrum to consider the diagnosis of dyslexia.

People suffering from dyslexia face difficulties in reading, writing, and spelling moreover in interpreting maps, graphs, sequences, and patterns.

While the people on the spectrum, have additional frustration of being unable to read or write can lead to feelings of even greater isolation and frustration. Sometimes they can be angry and uncooperative without any reason.

People having dyslexia and autism should undergo the best treatment to overcome both issues.

Dyslexia and autism symptoms

Preschoolers suffering from dyslexia shows signs as follows:

  • They find difficulty in remembering the alphabet.
  • Faces difficulty in pronouncing similar words.
  • Trouble while recognizing letters.
  •  Unable to recognize rhymings, for example, “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall / Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.”

Grade-schoolers suffering from dyslexia:

  • Reading is very slow as compared to the kids of their age
  • Write slowly
  • Unable to differentiate between other letters and words
  • have difficulty in writing the letter in the backward direction like “b” instead of “d”
  • words written on the paper appears them to be blurry or jump around
  • Unable to follow instructions

Middle and high school suffering from dyslexia:

  • Faces trouble in writing clearly
  • Messy handwriting
  • Speak slowly
  • Avoid reading aloud
  • Difficulty in remembering the names of words.

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