How Much Do Speech Pathologists Make Initially?

People who have a speech-related disorder like speech impediments and stutters are treated by Speech Pathologist. With over 123,000 currently working in a profession and expected growth of 23% by 2020, the employment prospect for speech therapy is great. A speech therapist is much in demand in both developing and developed countries. Millions of people need speech therapy, therefore the demand keeps on increasing in speech-language pathology or audiology.

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Many people are choosing speech therapy as a carrier option. A person in speech pathology not only work as a pathologist but also as a teacher or lecturer. Many good universities and schools are hiring speech pathologists as a teacher and lecturer respectively at a very attractive pay scale too which clears that working only as a pathologist is not the only way after doing professionalism in this field.

Generally, people have a question in their mind about, “How much do speech pathologist make initially “. A speech therapist in India initially makes Rs 20,000-Rs 30,000  per month and those who work in the teaching field can make about Rs 18,000-Rs 25,000 per month.

In the future, there will definitely a better scope in the field of Speech Pathologist not only in terms of money but also in reputation. Still, most of the speech pathologist make initially quite a good salary and with time their salary increases. There are many factors affecting the speech therapist salary.

Factors affecting speech pathologist salary

Geographical region

The salary depends mainly on the location where he is working currently. A speech pathologist in the US makes $ 46,695 to $ 102,872, in Canada, the salary is C$58,200  and in India pay is Rs 360,000.


The commonplace where a speech pathologist can work is speech or behavior support centers. They can also work in rehabilitation offices. In India, it is a very new field, therefore, the challenges and the potential is very huge. The salary of a speech pathologist for rehabilitation council of India is Rs 35,000 per month.


Most of the speech pathologist make initially a good salary but with experience and skill their salary increases. The skills needed for a speech therapist are scientific aptitude and extremely strong interpersonal skills needed to work with persons of different ages.

Schedule and Working hours

Most of the work schedule is full time. In this field, part-time employment is also available. The work includes seeing clients, paperwork, and research.

Less Competition

With almost 123,000 currently working as a Speech Pathologist medical professional, still, the number is very less. With some ability and willingness in this field, somebody can work at some good post.

Where anyone can find speech pathologist?

Private practices

You can set up your own private rehab center where you got an opportunity to work on a patient of any age, a different area which will definitely help to enhance your skills. In this, you can target your main specific market and can set up your own billing rates.

Physicians’ offices

You are going to face a similar type of problem during the whole day, which will make your work consistent, you also have a chance to widen your service to address the patients of all kinds.


Although there can be a risk in private practices if you are not 100% sure if it will run or not. You can directly apply to any hospital which will give a certain amount of fixed salary which will ensure your future.


Nowadays some good and reputed schools are also hiring Speech Pathologist to ensure their students are to be good in every field. For this, schools are handover the same salary as they are giving to their faculties.

Colleges and universities

You can also become a professor in any reputed Colleges and University where you can become a lecturer and will teach the students on the topic.

Rehabilitation centers, long-term

You can join any of the rehab centers in your area. A lot of patients generally prefer to go to the rehab centers for their treatment which will extremely enhance your skills and you get an opportunity to work with some best in this field.

Residential health care facilities

Some societies and health welfare companies are also giving their facilities to the local residing people. You can be a part of such welfare companies and can get a chance to serve your community.

If you need more information or you have a question regarding Speech Pathologists as a carrier option, you can discuss it with our HearingSol healthcare professionals, just give us a call on +91-9327901950. We are always here to help you.

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