How much does an Eargo hearing aid cost ?

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The Eargo hearing aid is a small design having the invisible-in-the-canal model. It is a “personal sound amplification product” and a hearing aid.

Eargo hearing aid is very comfortable while using its patented Flexi fibres. These fibers are easily changeable whenever ear wax stops the opening. This hearing aid is for users having mild to moderate hearing loss. This device operates for continuous 16 hours without charging.

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It’s one device price will cost you less than the price of two hearing aids. The hearing aid professionals usually give a trial period of 45 days before the purchase. Eargo hearing aid cost $1999 per pair for a one year warranty but it comes with not any audiological support after the existing setup.

It provides digital feedback, a telephone mode, and noise reduction. They fit completely inside the ear at the side of your eardrum. These hearing aids are pre-programmed therefore, they are ready to use right away you take it out of the box.

What is different about Eargo?

Beyond affordability, Eargo’s value is based on 4 elements.  First of all, they are not like traditional hearing aids that are bulky as well as clearly visible, Most importantly Eargo’s solutions fit discretely in a person’s ear canal. Which is impossible to detect by others.

Secondly, they are designed in such a manner that they are extremely comfortable—utilizing the aforementioned Flexi Fibers, they seem to “float” in the ear canal.

Thirdly, they purport to offer extremely natural sound, since high-frequency sounds are amplified. Finally, Eargo hearing aids are rechargeable, ignoring the cost of expensive and specialized replacement batteries

Eargo hearing aid cost

  • One time payment – At a one-time payment, it will cost you $2500 or $1900.
  • Monthly Instalments – During a monthly installment, it will cost you $104 per month.

Eargo max hearing aid is only available in the US or one can order online. Eargo Flexi Fibers need replacement every two or three months and they are available at a price of $39.99. Although, you can replace them as frequently as want if your ear produces more than average amount of ear wax.

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