How Meditation Can Help With Tinnitus?

There is no cure for the type of tinnitus caused by hearing loss and noise disclosure. Tinnitus is a Sense of a sound when there is no noise present.

Tinnitus is known as ringing in the ear internally. Even if no external sound in the surrounding present suffering greater than 48 million Americans. According to ATA (American Tinnitus Association) and other people also experience tinnitus temporarily. But in some cases, meditation can help with tinnitus.

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Experience of tinnitus

Tinnitus affects any person, however, a blog in  TJM (The Journal of Medicine) indicates it is most common in males, older adults, and former smokers. These categories are not applied to me, however, I have struggled with tinnitus for over 20 years. There is currently no cure.

The tinnitus word is coming from the Latin language tinnire, which means “to ring,” however, it can take on other sounds as well. Some describe it as a buzzing or a humming. Others as a sizzling or a hissing. This is very common in an electrical hum like the sound of a fluorescent light coming on — followed by a steady high-pitched tone. This can last for several minutes.

Separately, I have a constant soft ringing sound in my head, but I only become aware of it in the absence of other background noise, like in my quiet bedroom at night when I am trying to sleep. At its worst, my tinnitus disrupts my ability to concentrate, to communicate effectively and to sleep. The cause remains a mystery, but it likely has something to do with my hearing loss.

Meditation can help with tinnitus

The one thing experience the reduction of tinnitus is by doing everyday meditation, which I discovered almost by accident. I usually practice yoga, however, had never tried meditation in any meaningful way, until I attended a yoga retreat a couple of years ago. Intermixed with the yoga classes were afternoon tutorials on meditation.

Tinnitus caused by noise exposure has no cure, but there are several therapies which can help in reducing the noise and aggravation of tinnitus. Medication technique has previously been shown to be helpful with tinnitus for those peoples who are bothered by persistent tinnitus.

At the first session, we sat in the meditation hall while the leader explained what to do. Since it was quiet, my background ring was ever-present, but I ignored it, concentrating fiercely on the speaker’s voice. The meditation practice he described was simply — sit with a comfortable and upright posture and relax. Breathe in and out and try to clear your mind of any thoughts.

There were only three rules:

  • Movement not allowed in a yoga position
  • Don’t scratch
  • Don’t merge with your thoughts

Mindfulness Meditation

This meditation is based on meditative technique. It is 8 weeks treatment program to reduce stress. Sessions are held on a weekend between the sixth and seventh sessions. Patients are asked to do meditation practices while at home for 45 minutes. It is a way of paying attention to the present moment. This is done by focusing on something specific. for example thoughts, breathing, feeling, sensation.

No efforts are made to modify them. It is a way to live in the present moment.


If you are ready to give meditation a try and have an open mind, it may reduce the impact that tinnitus has on your life. There is an important amount of literature to teach you the proper approach and to help you get started.

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