What is the age required for a hearing test?

A mild or partial hearing loss can strike a child’s ability to develop speech and language properly. The great news is that hearing problems can be conquered if they have caught early. At best the time a baby is 3 months old. Therefore, it’s important to get your child’s hearing covered early and checked regularly.

There is not any specified age required for a hearing test. It can be done when anyone feels hearing loss problem or deafness. You can also need to consult hearing care professional immediately. If you feel hearing loss because hearing is an important component of social, emotional and cognitive development.

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Every person that has a problem in hearing can go through the hearing test. But the different age group have to go through different tests. Let’s take a look at it.

Hearing test for baby

In a baby, hearing loss is identified in the first few years of life and we need to diagnose hearing loss before three months of age. There are two main screening tests for a newborn which include:

Otoacoustic Emission test (OAE): Firstly a tinny microphone is placed in an infant ear and sound is transmitted to the ear. The sound passed from the cochlear implant is recorded in the ear canal. It can be done at the various frequency of sounds.

Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR): A electrode is placed at various places of the child head and ear. It is connected to a computer to check brain waves and also activities in the response to sound that heard by earphone. Our ear is made up of three parts. Which are outer middle and inner ear? This hearing test is done to check how the inner ear and brain pathway is working for hearing sounds.

Hearing tips for babies

You can maintain the proper health of your baby by following these tips –

  • Clean their ears delicately. A warm washcloth should be enough to wash away any dirt they have collected.
  • Ear infections treated immediately. 75% of children will have their first ear infection by the time they were 3 years old.
  • Protect their ears from noisy toys. Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most usual types of hearing loss. Also, make sure your children toys aren’t too noisy by holding them up to your own ear.

The elementary school-age hearing test

Each state has its own rules and regulations for the hearing test of school-aged children. The American Speech Hearing Association (ASHA), has set some guidelines about how and when the children should receive a hearing test when they enter school.

The hearing test of school-age students are done annually in kindergarten and then in third grade, seventh grade and, 11th grades.

Hearing loss has a lot of negative impact on the school-aged student. They might feel frustrated easily, do not pay attention if anything is asked, etc. So if your child misses the hearing test at the school then you should take him to the audiologist as soon as possible for the evaluation.

Hearing tips for the school-aged student

The school-aged student should be taught the prevention so that they do not have to face the hearing loss problems. Every parent should teach their children to stay away from loud noise. Avoid listening to or watching TV at a higher volume. Teach them good hearing conversation skills so that they can communicate more easily.

Hearing Test For Age 50 Baseline

To establish the baseline for the hearing health during aging it is important to get the hearing test done when you turn 50 years of age. Most of the people that face the hearing problem are older or age more than 50 years. A hearing test should be done when you grow older. Seniors that avoid the hearing test may have to face dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Hearing test for aging adults

There are many noises considering the environment. Protect your hearing on sports stadiums, concerts, and hunting, such as hunting, snowing or bike riding when the noise level exceeds 85 dB. Use cheaper foam earplugs from the drug store or invest in a noise-canceling headphone from your local sporting goods store.


It’s important to identify hearing problems as soon as possible because they can affect your child’s speech and language, social skills and education.

Treatment is more efficient if problems are detected and managed consequently. An early diagnosis will also ensure you and child have access to any special support services you may need.

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