Which Hearing Aid Uses ACCU Plus Batteries?

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The life of a battery relies on battery and hearing aid type, battery capacity. And how much the hearing aid is used. The more advanced the aid, the more the power will be required.

Almost every rechargeable hearing aid uses ACCU plus batteries. The ACCU plus rechargeable hearing aid batteries are environment-friendly due to their reusability. The ACCU plus is the only hearing aid battery manufacturer in the world who provide all size rechargeable hearing aid batteries.

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An ACCU plus rechargeable hearing aid battery replace up to 57 conventional primary batteries. The rechargeable hearing aid batteries do not contain mercury lead or cadmium. They use nickel metal hydride batteries in a stainless steel case.

Therefore, various brands like Phonak, Starkey, Widex, Siemens, Resound, etc use these reusable and environmentally friendly battery.

Power one ACCU plus is voltage compatible with zinc-air batteries. Not every hearing aid is suitable for the use of rechargeable batteries, some hearing aids have too high energy consumption. It is worth considering rechargeable batteries as an alternative power source.

Some Facts about ACCU plus batteries

  • Their rechargeable hearing aid cell or batteries are available in size p10accu, p13accu, p312accu, and p675accu.
  • Most hearing aids, use batteries of suitable or relevant size.
  • To charge ACCU plus batteries, power one charging solutions can be used.
  • They provide fast rechargeable batteries and ecologically sound.
  • Their batteries do not contain any heavy metals which include mercury, cadmium or lead.
  • The temperature range for charging and storing ACCU batteries is 20 to 25 degrees.
  • Charger with poor quality can damage the capacity of the battery.
  • These batteries are used in smartphones.

Thus, the hearing aids like – inside the ear, behind the ear, the receiver in the ear and receiver in the canal, use these batteries. Size 13 and 312 Power-One batteries are wireless and can be useful for hearing aids.

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