What is the difference between a bone anchored Implant and a cochlear implant?

Cochlear Implant and a Bone Anchored Implant are a technique or treatment options. That help hearing loss person in reconnecting with the world. Both devices help the patient to improve hearing, they share incredible and complicated differences with respect to their features, types, their functions. A person with a cochlear implant has bilateral severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss.

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In a cochlear implant, the electrodes are implanted surgically into the cochlea. The electrodes send the signal to the auditory nerve. Devices like a bone-anchored implant make proper use of the individual’s existing cochlear function. People who use the bone-anchored device have conductive hearing loss or mixed hearing loss.

Let’s check out the following differences in detail.

Difference between Bone Anchored Implant and a Cochlear Implant

Bone Anchored Implant Cochlear implant
They are indicated for conductive hearing loss, mixed hearing loss or single-sided deafness. They are indicated for severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss and bilateral hearing loss.
Functioning cochlea and the candidate has good speech discrimination ability. The cochlea has limited function and the candidate has poor speech discrimination ability.
This device focuses and repairs the functions of the middle ear. It enables the sound to reach the functioning cochlea to hear the sound properly. The device has defective cochlea and it helps to repair the inner ear functions. It makes the inner hair cells to carry the sounds to the auditory nerve.
Deals with the low-frequency hearing loss. It deals with the hearing loss with high frequency.

Bone Anchored Implant:

Bone Anchored ImplantBone Anchored Implant is used for those people who get difficulty in hearing even with hearing aid due to various reasons. Which include draining ears or chronic infections, blockage or damage in the outer or middle ear.

They have a conductive hearing loss or hearing loss in one ear. In this treatment method uses a titanium device. Place it within the skull behind the ear and sound processor are attaches to the implant.

The processor gets sound from surrounding and send vibration and signal to the implant which vibrates the bone. And bone vibration bypasses outer and middle ear and stimulate the inner ear. After that hair cell in the inner ear convert the sound signal to electrical impulse or signal sent to the brain to hear sound naturally.

Cochlear Implant:

Cochlear ImplantA cochlear implant differs from Bone Anchored Implant. People use it when they have a higher degree of hearing loss which includes severe to a profound sensorineural hearing loss in both ears. In this, the traditional hearing devices are not beneficial and hearing loss person gets difficulty in hearing even with wearing a more powerful hearing aid or increasing the volume of their hearing aid.

When they increase the volume, the sound get transmits in a bad manner and further distort. Sensorineural hearing loss can cause due to some problems which include illness, head trauma, malformation of the inner ear, exposure to loud noise, general aging or other unknown causes.

It is a two-part system in which the internal part is present within the skin. And a processor is placed outside of the ear and capture sound from the surrounding. A processor transforms the sound signal to digital signal which stimulates the electrical auditory nerve. The digital signal sent to the brain and heard as a sound.


Luckily, the majority of individuals get along nicely with traditional hearing aids with mild to moderate hearing loss. These instruments do not process sound like cochlear implants, they offer more flexibility and are less expensive. Hearing aids can be manually repaired, adjusted, and removed. They come in a variety of shapes, technology, price, colors, and models. This variety allows your hearing health professional to fit you with the model according to your lifestyle and budget.

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