Common Type Of Sounds That Can Hurt Your Hearing

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Our ear canal or eardrum can be affected by noise and many types of loud sounds which are the reason for the noise-induced hearing loss. The hearing loss or hearing disability is one type of health disease and it can occur in anyone. These types of Sounds Can Hurt Hearing and damage your ear sensitive structures in the inner ear. Thus it can cause hearing loss.

Get an expert to advise from hearing solution professionals for ear protection and get to know about Sounds That Can Hurt Your Hearing.

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In this, we can’t hear any type of sound or voice clearly. It can be permanent or temporary and it may be the reason for depression or frustration. Noise reduces our hearing sensitivity from day-to-day.

Every day, we face many types of sound in our environment like TV, music, vehicle, home appliances, etc which are not harmful to us but these can damage our hearing if they are too loud, too close, or last for too long.

Types Of Sounds Can Hurt Hearing Ability

1. Noisy Restaurant

Noisy restaurants are rush area and sound’s level is above 75 decibels. If we go there and stay for longer then our eardrum can get damaged slowly and our hearing ability reduces due to this. So, we should avoid these places for our hearing health.

2. The Humming Of The Refrigerator

If the sound of the refrigerator will be above 45 decibels then it can slowly hurt our ears as well as our hearing.

3. Noise From Heavy City Traffic

The heavy city traffic has noise and the sound level is above 85 decibels. Noise increases due to cars, motorcycle horn, and other vehicles.

Those sounds are too loud or too close and we face these sounds on a daily basis. So, our eardrums are affected and reduce our hearing capability.

4. An Mp3 Or Music At Maximum Volume

If the music player has above 105 decibel sound level then it can be damage our hearing because the human ear cannot hear too loud volume.

The music generates sound waves that enter the eardrum or tiny hair cells through the ear and those hair cells can get damaged due to loud music from the music player or headphone.

If we will continuously listen to music with the headphone at high volume then hearing issues may occur.

5. Home Appliances

Many home appliances are one of the reasons for hearing loss and our eardrums are affected by home appliances like a food processor or blender, hammering, garbage collector, exercise equipment, vacuum cleaner, and hairdryer, etc. because they are too loud or too close.

6. Balloon Pop

If balloon burst near to our ears then our hair cells of eardrums can be damaged because they produce a loud volume of sound.

7. Movie Theater

The sound level of the movie is above 100 decibels in any movie theater that is too loud for anyone, especially for children. Our hearing can get hurt due to this. So, we should avoid movie theater sometimes.

8. Occupational Noise

Work can cause your hearing loss due to the high volume of noise. There are many types of jobs that can damage your hearing like Construction, Military, Media, Farming, Airline and Manufacturing Industries, etc.

occupational noise Sounds Can Hurt Hearing

If you face these types of sound and you observe hearing problems then you should go to the professionals or audiologists of any hearing aid care center nearby for your hearing test.

The audiologist will determine your problems and give you the best treatment for your hearing.

What Sound Level Causes Hearing Loss

  • TV volume – 70dB
  • A telephone – 80dB
  • A moving train – 91dB
  • A drilling machine– 97dB
  • A headphone – 103dB
  • A motorbike – 100dB
  • Rock concert – 106dB

What You Can Do If You Have Hearing Loss?

Fortunately, 90 percent of hearing loss caused by excessive noise or aging, can be improved by wearing a hearing aid.

No matter what your specific needs or lifestyle is, Hearing Sol professionals recommend the following hearing aid feature if you and your doctor decide to go that route:

  • Directional microphones – This feature has been helpful to improve hearing in places with heavy ambient noise.
  • Telecoils – This special circuitry within a hearing aid prevents feedback when you’re on the phone.
  • Bluetooth Technology – This allows for direct wireless connection from your hearing aid to cell phones and TVs.
  • Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries – They’re super convenient and a must-have for people with visual or dexterity issues.

You can purchase the latest hearing aids at a fair price through HearingSol, If you need any assistance or you have a query regarding Common Type of Sounds That Can Hurt Your Hearing or Hearing Loss, feel free to call us at +91-9327901950. We are always here to help you.

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