Autism Prevention

As you all better know that there is no cure for the Autism spectrum disorder. And its treatment options like behavioral therapy do not guarantee its cure.

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In these cases, the only way you have to prevent autism is to protect your child and yourself from the factors causing Autism. But unfortunately, we don’t have the specific reason for the occurrence of Autism just it is presumed to be related to genetic, cognitive, and neural level defeats.

After the years of research and diagnosis, the researchers are able to predict some of the rare cases which could have potential Autism cause,

  • Chemical exposure during pregnancy like serotonin.
  • Rubella infection during pregnancy
  • Hereditary and celiac diseases.
  • Autism in the gene.
  • Abnormalities like infrequent neural growth in the several areas of the brain of the served child.
  • abnormal patterns of cortical thickness and grey matter volume in the brain.
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction in the child’s brain.
  • Exposure to air pollution, drugs, alcohol, and vaccines during pregnancy has potential risk factors of Autism.

All of the above potential cause of Autism is either related to hereditary and neural dysfunction or birth defects. These listed causes provide you with very limited options for preventing Autism. With these limited options you can try best to prevent your loved ones from Autism.

Some Of The Ways To Have Autism Prevention

Since you have very pre-assumed causes and preventing measures for Autism, always focus on the health of your child before adopting any preventive measure.

Some of the autism prevention methods are,

Avoid Any Chemical Exposure During Pregnancy

Chemicals like drugs, serotonin, alcohols and seizure medicines like valproic acid contain the potential cause of Autism. So, try avoiding the use of these chemicals during pregnancy unless your doctor specially prescribes them. The valproic acid is for the treatment of convulsions, seizures, migraine headache, and bipolar disorder so, avoid these drugs during pregnancy if you have any of the above disorder.

Vaccination Against Rubella

Rubella(German measles) infection during pregnancy contains 1% potential chances of having Autism Spectrum Disorder in the child. To avoid rubella causing autism, have a vaccination against rubella before being pregnant. This vaccination can reduce your chances of being caught by the rubella virus and your child to come will be free from autism.

Rubella vaccine before getting pregnant avoids risks factor of Autism

Early Diagnosis And Treatment Of Hereditary And Celiac Diseases

The hereditary diseases like phenylketonuria(PKU) is caused by the deficiency of a liver enzyme and are required to digest phenylalanine. The early diagnosis and treatment of phenylketonuria can reduce the chances of having an Autistic child after pregnancy. Similarly, the celiac diseases diagnosis and treatment can also reduce the potential chances of the child having Autism.Celiac diseases damaging the intestine causes autism in child

Treatment For The Second Child After The First Autistic Child Being Born

The latest research indicates that one out of 20 infants having an elder autistic sibling is more likely to have this disorder. The treatment focuses on to identify autism as early as possible before the more symptoms show up. In this treatment, the healthcare professional gets involved in treating the child in the womb when the fetus brain is still responsive enough.

Changing Lifestyle To Prevent Autism

A healthcare professional will not be able to tell whether your child will be autistic or not. So, is there nothing to prevent Autism? Well, it’s true that you couldn’t stop autism but can try adopting healthy habits to reduce its chances to occur. You can adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent autism and some of them are,

1) Eat healthily, live healthily

Schedule your diet with well-balanced meals with lots of protein, vitamins, and fiber during pregnancy. Have regular check-ups and exercise along with prescribed supplements. This will help you to keep track of your own body as well as the child body. Each and every healthy habit adopted by the mother during pregnancy will eventually result in the child’s brain development.

2) Reduce exposure to Air pollution

Air pollution doubles the risk of Autism in the child within the trimester of pregnancy which is concluded by the Harvard school of public health. So, the less exposure to air pollution or staying at home in the polluted area will help to prevent Autism.

3) Regular intake of Folic acid

Every pregnant woman is recommended to consume 400 to 800 mcg of folic acid per day with the doctor’s prescription. The researchers believe that women consuming less folic acid can lead their child developing Autism symptoms when born.

Ingredients possessing high folic acid

4) Follow family planning

Spacing out the pregnancy like having a second child after 3-5 years of firstborn can reduce the chances of autism in a child by 50%. Whereas, delivering the second child within the 12 months of 1st born can increase the chances of developing autism. In some cases, the older age of parents can also develop Autism in the child so, prevent autism by proper family planning.

5) Avoid Alcohol During Pregnancy

The chemical property present in alcohol and its related deficiency can severely damage the developing brain of a child. So, avoid alcohol during pregnancy for preventing Autism.

6) Stress and anxiety involve the potential risk of Autism

Stress and anxiety can adversely affect on the health condition of pregnant women so, try to take less stress by giving yourself a break and live happily and stress-free to avoid the risks of Autism in the newborn child.

Remove Mercury-Based Dental Fillings

It might be possible that you may have mercury-based amalgam dental fillings. if yes, then remove it by a known dentist with the safe procedure. The mercury can affect a child and it’s highly dangerous to breastfeed. You should remove the mercury-based tooth at least 6 months before getting pregnant.

mercury-based dental filling dangerous for child

Since the area of Autism causes is pre-assumed, its preventive measures are also all based upon it. You really cannot prevent the neural causes of Autism but the above-given points can help you out to prevent autism from secondary causes.

If you need any assistance or have a question about Autism Prevention, you can consult our HearingSol experts with your problem, feel free to call us on +91-9327901950. We are always here to help you.

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