What is the true cause of that momentary hearing loss in one ear which is accompanied by the audition of a discrete tone?

The momentary hearing loss by the discrete tone is just tinnitus and it is harmless. It is only the perception of noise or ringing that is not coming from the outside. These noises can be continuous and can vary in loudness. When the background sound is low then it makes more difficulties.

Sudden hearing loss should be taken as a medical emergency. These type of Hearing Loss in one ear is rare. Many people don’t know about this.  It can be caused by wax or middle ear fluid. It is treatable and temporary. You can contact an (ENT) physician or an audiologist as soon as possible.

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So, whenever go to sleep in the night in a quiet room be careful. In rare cases, the sound beats in sync with heart.

Sudden Hearing Loss

You should tell the audiologist that the hearing loss is sudden. They know this is an emergency and will reach you within a day or two. The audiologist may refer you to an ENT. He will look into your ear and evaluate your ability to hear with earphones or insert phone and a bone conductor.

The audiologist will identify whether it is sensorineural (inner ear) or conductive (middle ear) hearing loss. Either the result should be share with an ENT or not. The information provided by an audiologist is crucial in treating patients with sudden hearing loss.

Some causes of sudden hearing loss are a vascular problem, infection, trauma, or toxic causes such as ototoxic medications. Sometimes the particular reason for sudden hearing loss is unknown.

There are a few common causes of this:-

  • Age-related hearing loss- There are many causes of hearing loss, the age-related hearing loss is the very common cause of hearing loss. It is a natural part of life. Growing age can impact on people in a different way but after an age, the hair cell of our inner ear die. The more hair cell dies the worse the hearing begins.
  • Exposure to excessively loud noise- Extremely loud sound can impact on the hair cell of the inner ear and make them weak that can be the cause of hearing loss. It can also influence the age-related hearing loss. It is caused by short-term exposure, such as attending a loud concert. Long-term exposure to loud sound can cause permanent damage or Noise-Induced Hearing loss.
  • Some prescription and non-prescription drugs- Some medication may cause worse hearing loss. The higher dose of the medication makes more difficulties. When a person stops using medication then the unwanted noise disappears. Due to exposure or ingestion of medication, the ototoxicity that is poisoning the inner ear can be because of tinnitus. High doses or long-term use of certain antibiotics can cause ototoxicity.
  • Extreme stress or trauma- Stress, which may be caused by depression, can be the cause of tinnitus. It may be hypothalamus in the result. It is responsible for the production of a certain brain chemical that can be used for functionality. With a long time, the stress level has been doing an impact on the higher risk of heart disease, cancer, and other diseases.


If you think you may be experiencing temporary hearing loss, the best way to find out is to visit a hearing care professional nearby. A simple hearing test can provide insight into the cause and can assess your level of hearing.

Take the time to be proactive about your hearing health and visit a hearing center for more information on hearing loss and treatment.

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