Noise Induced Jobs That Can Affect Your Ears

Loud sounds extremely can hurt your ears and damage your hearing ability. A connection exists between excessive noise and hearing loss. Many people don’t even realize they have a hearing loss until it’s too late. At the time of choosing your career, it might not come to your mind that a number of professions can put you at serious risk of noise-induced hearing loss(NIHL). There are many noise-induced jobs that can affect your ears.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),  the most common work-related illnesses in the United States is an occupational hearing loss. Approximately, there are twenty-two million workers who are exposed to potentially damaging noise per year.

Noise and hearing loss

Exposure to loud sounds(above 85dB) for longer periods is considered to be harmful.

13 Most Dangerous Jobs for your Ears

1. Airport Ground Staff

While working as a Ground staff, A person doesn’t even realize that somewhere the job they are performing for, exploiting their ears. The Airport is full of noise, the landing and take-off’s of heavy machines creates too much noise. According to Wiki, It is more than 140 decibels(dB) which is way more than a normal ear-friendly sound.

2. Construction Worker

A laborer or a tradesperson working in the physical construction of infrastructure. They work within an environment which is full of thumping and metal bumping sounds. They spend more than half a day while working at a place which is crowded with heavy construction machines and produces too much noise. As per the EHS today Article “Construction machines and tools create 10times Louder noise than a normal ear-friendly sound.”

3. Nightclub Worker

A nightclub is Different from normal pubs and bars. Nightclubs are well known for their loud music sound curated by DJs especially for their Electronic Dance Music(EDM). The loud EDM’s is not friendly for the ears and causes hearing loss too firmly and as wiki states, it is also found that “87% of the measured noise levels did not comply with the official ambient noise levels of 40dB at night.”

4. Factory Worker

A factory worker is a person working in a manufacturing plant. A factory worker works on machines which produces too much Noise. The average noise creates by a manufacturing plant is 88 decibels(dB). That machine’s noise can adversely affect their ears and later becomes a reason for the hearing loss.

5. Commuter Music

Most of the Commutes are used to listen to loud music in their headphone. They avoid the crowd presence around themselves and to enjoy their journey as well. They become used too it, but somewhere they don’t even know that loud music is going to lead them to suffer a lot. Listening to loud music leads to hearing loss.

6. Motorcycle Courier

A person who delivers a courier place to place on their two-wheelers. They spent more than half a day traveling on their motorbikes. They Stuck in the road traffic which is full of noise, louder than 90 decibels(dB). A motorcycle courier boy suffers a lot of noise pollution and this causes several health issues as well & hearing loss is one of them.


Farming as a profession is a very tough and time-consuming job. Working in a Farming field between farming machines & tools. Where a Farmer spends the whole of a day by sweating off & exploiting ears with heavy machines. It causes hearing loss in farming.

8. Carpenters

A Carpenter passes their day with the sound of cutting off branches and woods. The Noise of cutting down logs become is way too up than a normal ear-friendly sound. The normal wood cutting machine produces 92 decibels(dB). It can affect the ear of the person who does this job and in the long run, it causes hearing inability.

9. Military

The person who is engaged in armed forces constantly abuse their hearing ability.  They work in various high and low altitude and works with heavy combat machines. Machines produce too much noise whether it is an aircraft with 105 decibels or a tank 75–90 decibels.  This working condition risk’s hearing ability.

10. Miners

Miners are hard workers who are engaged in Mining activities. They are also called as a Digger or pitman. The mining projects are the mega projects and it consists of mega machines. The miners have to engage with those turnkey machines which creates too much noise and pollutes the environment. Miners exposed their ears during the whole working hours with those machines and later on, they suffer from hearing loss.

11. Cabin crew

Constant exposure of noise in flight leads to a major reason for hearing inability in-flight attendants. The hearing loss in flights attendants is very common as they become very used to hear the loud noise which generates from the airplane.

12. Ambulance or Fire brigade driver

The Sirens of Ambulance and fire vans creates a lot of loud noise while they are on run. The siren helps in clearing the traffic when there is an emergency situation but the loud noise approx 102.5 decibels(dB), which creates that time leads the driver towards hearing loss.

13. Blacksmiths & Welders

People who create and reshape objects from metal are called as a blacksmith. To create iron material they have to beat up it from the hammer, that beating up of metal create a metal thumping sound which is too irritating and way more than normal sound. In this way, they suffer from the incapability of ears.

These are dangerous jobs that can cause hearing loss issues rapidly. Alert is needed but every problem has its solution. If proper measures and techniques are adopted, hearing loss rate can be decreased.

How To Improve Working Conditions

Mainly, manual labor, machinery, and transportation are such professions that are creating noise pollution. Companies, factories, and other workplaces if made soundproof keeping machinery up to date, and providing high-grade hearing protection. There exist some chances to protect all workers from noise-induced problems.


Healthcare professionals help their patients to slow the progression of hearing loss from noise exposure. CDC encourages primary care providers to ask patients about their exposure to loud hearing. At routine health care visits, providers will explain how noise exposure can permanently damage hearing and teach them how to you can protect hearing.

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