Hearing Loss Rates Rising In Youth

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Hearing Loss problem can affect anyone at any age. Hearing Loss Rates Rising In Youth and It affects the younger people who work in a noisy environment, enjoys the party on weekend out at a loud bar and sports fan who spend their weekends at the sporting venue.

Your age would not save you from hearing loss. In recent years, we have seen an alarming trend in increasing rates of deafness in teenagers.

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Noise evoked deafness is often gradual, as you have exposed to loud sounds daily that place a strain on your hearing.

This includes noisy workplaces, university cafeterias, etc. Hearing Loss can occur suddenly due to some extremely loud sounds.

Hearing Loss Rates Rising In Youth

It is getting harder and harder for young people to hear. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that 20% of people in their 20s having a hearing disorder!

Hearing Loss Rates Rising In Youth

Youth are not thinking about their hearing, and many don’t even realize their deafness. As they gradually lose the ability to hear the high pitched sounds or soft sounds.

Some people show that they don’t have any problem in hearing, actually have some permanent hearing loss when tested.

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Anyone can be affected by Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). Any activity that is too loud will harm the fragile hair cells of your inner ear, and begin to chip away at your hearing.

These hair cells translate the sound waves into the electrical impulses that enter into your ear. The brain can understand and interpret.

If your hair cells are damaged then your brain won’t ever receive information about the sounds that are happening around you and will experience hearing loss.

Why Are Young People Suffering From Hearing Loss?

Among the young people, deafness is a lot more subtle than it used to be. The main cause of hearing loss for young people is not the workplace.

It is the everyday noise that we take for granted such as the loud concert you attended last weekend or the lawnmower you used for an hour this afternoon.

Why are younger generations experiencing Hearing disorder? They haven’t been working on the noisy site jobs for years, and don’t seem to be surrounded by the loud noise.

To find the answer to this, observe closely. For Hearing, earbuds are perhaps the greatest threat.

Many teenagers listen to the music at the high volume or web content with earbuds stuck deep into their ears, close to the delicate hair cells of their inner ear.

Even though you can not hear their music. This constant earbud use is the main cause of hearing the loss of the young generation.

They listen to the sound for hours every day at a higher volume, which is not safe.

Protect Your Hearing

It is important to know the risks of hearing health and keep your hearing safe. If you are often exposed to the loud noise then always use hearing protection.

Always carrying earplugs in your bag can save your ears in noisy environments. A noisy environment like a concert hall, loud bar, and crowded city street.

A good rule to understand the sign of hearing loss is if you can’t hear people talking next to you at a normal volume, your hearing is at risk.

Take precautions, if you use earbuds or headphones to hear the music. Decrease the number of hours you listen, and make sure the volume is not too loud.

Music is too loud if the people around you can hear music coming from your ears. Lower the volume! The 60/60 rule will help you here.

It is advisable to listen to the music for 60 minutes and then take a break. To keep your hearing safe, never listen to the music at more than 60% of the volume.

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