What is the link between iron deficiency and hearing loss?

When iron levels are low in people’s blood. then It can develop a condition called iron-deficiency anemia. which has a general effect throughout the body. A new study shows that this condition may also be linked with hearing loss.

It has been said in the study that in adults, there is anemia due to lack of iron, according to the study, there was a possibility of developing a hearing loss, a joint hearing loss, compared to people suffering from iron deficiency anemia.

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Hearing loss divided into three types:-

  1. Sensorineural hearing loss:- damage to the inner ear or damage to the brain.
  2. Conductive hearing loss:- sound can’t travel through the ear properly.
  3. Combined hearing loss:-  it is a combination of the two hearing loss.

Iron deficiency or anemia causes due to lack of oxygen in our body. In this amount of red blood cells(RBC) in our body is reduced. Red blood cells do not carry enough amount of oxygen to our body tissues without the required amount of iron.

Although our body stores small amounts of iron if there are any emergencies. Our body system if operated on the low level of iron for a long period of time operate for a long period can develop IDA leading to weight loss, decreased energy, headache, dizziness, and shortness of breath.

A link between iron deficiency and hearing loss:

A study shows a link between iron deficiency and hearing loss but there is no proof of it. A human body requires a balanced amount of iron for an auditory system and other organs to function properly. People who have iron deficiency has twice the risk of hearing loss than people without iron deficiency. Human body cells without the required amount of oxygen stop working properly.

If anyone labyrinthine artery unable to get the required amount of oxygen due to the iron deficiency than you can lose your hearing. A labyrinthine artery is a main source of blood to people inner ear. An iron deficiency also interferes myelin production that damage nerve or sensitive hair cells which conduct sounds from ear to brain.

Improve Iron Absorption

To improve iron level you need to take food which has a rich amount of iron such as meat, dark leafy greens nuts and dark chocolate with a high level of vitamins C, strawberries help you in maintaining iron balance and  Folic acid also helps prevent iron deficiency. Include leafy green vegetables like spinach and add it to your diet.

The human auditory system is a marvelous mechanism which comprises in part of sensory hair cells, neurotransmitters and a relationship between both ears and the brain. Given all the right pieces along with a healthy dose of nutrients and care, hearing acuity can last a lifetime.


Even if you are eating healthy to protect your body and to make sure that everything is functioning well, it’s necessary to know that hearing loss can be unnoticeable. You need to take care of your hearing by following ways –

  • If you listen to music regularly through the headphone, keep column at a safe level.
  • Stop cleaning your ears with earbuds.
  • Take a break after exposing your ears to a high level of noise
  • Wear earplugs if you are constantly exposed to loud noise.

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