Is Sensory Diet Good For Kids With Autism?

Obviously yes, Because a sensory diet plays a major role in those types of Disorders. In the case of Child Autism, It is an assessment of intellectual disability and language impairment. A sensory diet good for the child with Autism, and It is most efficient. First of all, I will discuss the sensory diet.

A sensory diet is a treatment which helps the kids with sensory processing issues. It includes a series of physical activities that a child can do at his home. It has nothing to do with varieties of food. A professional therapist can design a sensory diet routine tailored to meet your child’s needs.

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The type of professionals who can help you with this is an occupational therapist (OT). An occupational therapist can advise a routine activity for your child to do that fits her exact requirements and schedule. The OT will make them do during your child therapy sessions. And your child can also do them at home under parents supervision.

Sensory diet

A sensory diet is a treatment strategy that is used to manage sensory processing dysfunction (It is also known as sensory-motor integration dysfunction). In other words, we can say that A sensory diet is a group of physical activities. It can help your child stay alert and calm at the right times.

That can be used as part of sensory integration therapy. It involves various physical activities that help the child being alert and calm at night. It delivers sensory input if the child is overexcited or too tired at others. Consult an occupational therapist if you are interested in sensory diet.

Sensory diet has nothing to do with food. It has designed a series of physical activities and accommodations tailored to give each child the sensory input she needs. A sensory diet can be used as part of sensory integration therapy.

Finishing a sensory diet routine can help the kids to get into the right state, which can help them pay attention in school, learn new skills and socialize with other kids. A sensory diet helps the children to come down from overloaded state and feel calm. It helps the child to become more self-awareness.

Examples of Sensory Diet

A sensory diet involves various activities specific as per the child requirement. This mainly depends on child sensory issues. The routine might include:

  • Jumping Jack or lying on the ground and doing snow angels
  • Logrolling
  • Swinging on swings
  • Climbing Ladder
  • Bouncing on a therapy ball
  • Rolling on therapy ball on their belly
  • Push-ups
  • Hopping up and down
  • Holding a Zen bug yoga poses for at least 10 second

Sensory diet may also include other activities that target specific issues of sensory. There is one technique, the Therapressure Protocol (you might hear it referred to as brushing), can be very helpful for the kids. But it requires specific training from an occupational therapist and is not something parents can do without professional guidance.

Benefits of sensory diets

As like we try to eat a balanced food diet means more fruit and vegetables and less chocolate, to keep fit and healthy. Same as We also need a balanced amount of sensory information in our bodies each day to allow them to work well. And sensory diet gives the efficient chance for a kid to keep in check the imbalance in the sensory stimulation, they are lacking, seeking or avoiding, to ensure that complete diet gets to meet the body’s requirement.

In case of a child, As a child learns to self-regulate sensorily their energy level, behavior, emotion, and attention through the use of a sensory diet. There are so skills such as concentrating, sharing and taking turns also become more mature more quickly. It enables a child to move from depending on others to beginning to manage tasks or situations by themselves.

Sensory Diet for kids with Autism

For your child, Developing a sensory diet is well worth the time and effort, because the effects of this diet are usually immediate And cumulative. These diets recover your kid with autism and not only effective at this moment. They actually help to restructure your Child’s nervous system over time. So that he is better able to many conditions like as:

  1. Handle the transitions with less stress.
  2. The limit sensory seeking and sensory avoiding behaviors.
  3. Regulate alertness.
  4. Increase the attention span.
  5. Tolerate the sensations and situations that are challenging.

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