Is Hearing Loss Reversible?

Is hearing loss reversible? This is a frequently asked questions from people dealing with deafness. Hearing loss nothing but a condition where a person loses his ability to listen to the sounds properly. Some of the hearing disorder are reversible and some are not. Hearing deficiency happens due to many reasons like:

  • Wax Build-up in the Ear Canal.
  • Foreign Body in Ear Canal.
  • Hole in the Ear Drum.
  • Ear Infections.
  • Noise-induced Hearing Loss.
  • Aging.
  • Ototoxicity.
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Hearing loss can be mild as well as severe. The mild hearing loss caused by infection or ear wax is generally reversible. But the hearing loss caused by exposure to the loud noise and blasts are the main reasons cochlea, which gradually results in the noise-induced hearing loss.

Now according to the research, it is claimed that damage to hair as well as nerve cell caused due to loud noise or blast can also be reversible. Most importantly hair and nerve cells can be regenerated in the ear which helps to reduce the noise induced hearing loss.

Further, these studies may find the way by developing medications and surgical methods that can reduce any permanent cochlear damage. There are many common reasons which could defeat the sense of hearing in human beings. Some of them are reversible with suitable medications.

Types of Mild hearing loss which are reversible

The hearing loss due to the following reasons are reversible :

Wax Build-up in the Ear Canal

Wax build-up in our ear canal is a natural process. Basically, to protect our eardrum from foreign particles like dust, water, insects, etc. But, the uncurbed growth of wax may develop pain and hearing loss usually.

This is reversible and cured by proper cleaning of our ear canal with the help of professionals. Also, we should avoid the use of sharp pointe objects inside our ear canal. Because it may harm our ear canal dangerously. It’s not hard to remove that build up and get rid of the wax. We can do it easily just by pouring a few drops of baby oil or mineral oil in the ear. Instead, we can buy an ear drop from the drug shop which makes the wax soft and helps you to remove it easily.

Go to the doctor if these home remedies don’t work or the person is suffering from diabetes. He can easily remove your wax by tools.

Foreign Body in Ear Canal

Foreign body in ear canal prevents the effortless hearing process. Which can be reversible with proper cleaning up process by experts.

Hole in the Ear Drum

An opening in the Ear Drum could cause the hearing deficiency. And can be reversible according to the size of a ditch. The Tympanic Membrane is the surgery through which the deficiency of hearing can be cured.

Ear Infections

These are a fungal or bacterial attack on the outer or middle earlobe. The ear infection can be reversible by placing a tube inside the ear canal to discharge the fluid. A doctor may suggest you antibiotics to help treat it. And some infection may get healed on there own.

And once the fungal is removed the sense of hearing is reversible. Due to fluid discharge, the fungi and bacteria will remove easily, hence hearing can be reversible.

Sudden Hearing Loss: Most Of The Time Reversible

This happens once in several weeks. In this condition, the person suffers a sudden hearing loss in which he losses all his hearing ability. In most of the cases, people recover on their own in a week.

It can be treated with the help of corticosteroid pills or shots.

Types of hearing loss which are irreversible (not reversible)

Noise-induced Hearing Loss

They are common in veterans and civilians in war zones. Due to continuous exposure to loud noise environment like blast and gun sound. Therefore, a remedy for this noise-induced hearing loss is not available currently, So it is considered as non-reversible.


It is the most common reason for hearing loss and this is permanent. Because as soon as the person becomes older, the ability of hearing is hinder continuously. People who experience age-related hearing loss can benefit from hearing aids.


In ototoxicity, any portion of the inner ear (cochlea) or nerve (auditory nerve) can be disordered. This can be considered as the non-reversible hearing loss. Also, the most common reason for their occurrence is chemotherapy.

So, these are the few common reasons for the occurrence of hearing loss. But, is hearing loss reversible? Yes, there are some if they are treated as soon as possible.

Regenerating lost cells

With the proper medication right after the exposure to the loud noise hearing loss can be recovered.

Trying to reach the goal will necessitate overcoming the biggest challenge of regenerating lost hair and nerve cells within the cochlea. According to researchers, already significant work has been carried out in relation to this challenge.

The study was published in the scientific journal by John Oghalai and his group of researchers from Stanford University School of Medicine.

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