Suggest the best hearing aid for nurse?

A stethoscope is the best hearing aid for the nurse. A Stethoscope is just one of the “ Tools of the trade” in the practice of caring for health. A nurse uses a stethoscope to read the pulse when checking the blood pressure.

This device is used to hear the sound of the inner body. A nurse uses the stethoscope to read blood pressure, heartbeats.

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A nurse with moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss wears bilateral behind-the-ear hearing aids and teaches nursing in Pennsylvania. Her master’s degree thesis examined the lived experience of the hearing impaired nursing student. She serves as a nurse professional leader for the association of the medical professionals with hearing loss ad created a “Guide to requesting vocational rehabilitation services” for the nurse.

Hence, The problem is what about medical professionals who experience hearing loss? Are there stethoscopes for a person with hearing loss who don’t wear hearing aids? For persons who do wear hearing aids, how can they use a stethoscope?

Stethoscope and hearing loss issue

For stethoscope use and hearing loss, two critical aspects of successful stethoscope use in medical professionals:

  • Proper tuning of the hearing instrument by the hearing professional, with special emphasis on low-frequency boost.
    • Hearing aids programmed to emphasize low frequencies
    • Cochlear implant maps created to reduce room noise, emphasize low frequencies and lower the threshold for sound detection.
  • Selecting the best stethoscope and/or interface to use with the hearing aids or cochlear implant.

Amplified Stethoscopes

The person who is suffering from mild hearing loss and work as a medical professional uses amplified stethoscopes. Because they do not use hearing aids while they use a stethoscope.

Amplified stethoscopes amplify the sounds between 15-50dB. There are multiple brands of amplified stethoscopes. For example, E-scope II, Electromax and many more. These are special designs for medical professionals who are suffering from hearing loss.

Hearing Aids and Stethoscopes

For medical professionals who do not want to remove their hearing aids. The use of an amplified stethoscope is required, the amplified stethoscope must be reconfigured with additional adaptors/accessories in order to work with the hearing aids.

Stethoscope options for persons who wear hearing aids will vary based on the type or style of hearing aids the medical professional wears.

Basically, Hearing aids come in two basic general styles:

  1. Custom in-the-ear hearing aids: These are custom-made devices, all of the electronics sit in a device that fits in your ear
  2. Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids: BTE hearing aids with a telecoil are able to connect to certain stethoscopes by the use of induction loop technology which connects with the hearing aids telecoil to transfer sound from the stethoscope to the hearing aids.

Stethoscopes with Cochlear Implants

The stethoscope is compatible with cochlear implants. There are systems that can make communication between stethoscope and cochlear implants. Those medical professionals who are suffering from the profound hearing loss can make stethoscope adjustable.

Thus, they can connect the stethoscope with a device which displays what`s going with the patient. The size of these is just like a smartphone. PDA (Personal Data Assistant)is a small size and can be kept in a pocket.

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