Can Hearing Loss Mimics Autism?

Obviously Yes! The Hearing Loss Mimics Autism because Autism Spectrum Disorder is higher in deaf people as compared to the hearing in people.

An autism spectrum disorder is a name for a range of similar conditions, including Asperger syndrome, that affect a person’s social interaction, communication, interests, and behavior.

A person diagnosed with hearing loss or impairment can have symptoms that mimic those of Autism Spectrum Disorder. The conditions that mimic the Autism Spectrum Disorder, associated with the language losses are even higher.

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In more cases, there are so many people who have Autism Spectrum Disorder have an uncomfortable relationship with the sound.

The causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder are not still. It is really understood. Where the deafness arises due to the threatens to the functional integrity of the Brain. That is not surprising to find the rise in rates of the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Diagnosis Of Autism Spectrum Disorder and The Deafness

The shortage of professionals is an international issue. These professionals are limited, who has the experience of working with the deaf people having Autism Spectrum Disorder.

So, the misdiagnosis (i.e. both over and under-diagnosis) is more in simple form than in an equivalent population. Hence, the professional experienced in working with deaf people.

The accuracy in the diagnosis of ASD is making difficult by the features of many deaf people’s development. The result of these conditions creates a presentation which mimics the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Language Deprivation

Approximately, the human brain starts to develop at the primary schooling time. Without any rich language environment in these early days, the language deprivation is possible.

The language deprivation means permanently stunted language. That is common in deaf people. Research says that 20% of deaf children are unable to have language skills, despite the non-verbal IQs. When taken the interview of these children, then they were unable to speak or use sign language. Because they have no language skills. It is clear that this is the language deprivation, not deafness. It is due to the TOM. TOM stands for Theory of Mind.


Generally, deaf people start feeling very lonely that lead to isolation issue for many deaf people.

In such communities, the deaf person is often regarded as a ‘loner’ or a bit ‘different’, tendencies that are associated with ASD.

If a deaf child has a deaf role model and observes instead in a deaf environment how they are appearing entirely social, competent and ‘normal’ will be very beneficial.


The poor Theory Of Mind (TOM) is the main symbol of Autism Spectrum Disorder. But does not indicates ASD on its own. The Deaf people may have the language deprivation that leads to poor TOM. But they have different causes of  Autism Spectrum Disorder and the language deprivation for the deaf people is preventable.

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