Can Breathing Problem Be The Reason For Stuttering?

Yes, the breathing problem is the reason for stuttering. Stuttering or stammering cause people to repeat words, syllables, or phrases. Those who stammer or have some loved ones with stuttering difficulty generally have the question “Can breathing problem be the reason for stuttering?” Stammering also causes rapid blinking, trembling lips, foot-tapping, trembling jaw, face.

Can Breathing Problem be the Reason for Stuttering?

Well, there is no conclusive evidence that the breathing problem is the main reason for stuttering. As anyone can observe abnormal breathing during stammering. Stammering leads to breathing in a shallow and fast manner.

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Individuals who stutter have uncontrolled breathing difficulty while making conversation.  Most of the time uncontrolled breathing block the words. It usually happens while the movement of their mouth is in the right position to form words which result in constant stammering.

Thus people get nervous due to various causes and it causes stuttering. Due to stuttering uncontrolled and fast breathing leads to speech disorder and block the words. Though people can breathe properly while stammering. Overall abnormal breathing can be a part of stuttering but we cant declare that breathing problem is one of the main cause of stuttering.

What is Stammering or Stuttering?

Another name of stammering is stuttering. It is a disorder of a speech in which the flow of speaking is disrupted by repetitions of words. The persons who stutter are unable to speak fluently. Most of the stammering covers within adulthood. The person who continues stutter will remain affected.

There are 3 types of Stammering

  • Developmental:- This type of stammering occurs in children who are younger than 5 years old.  It does not need any treatment. It resolves within a time.
  • Neurons disorder:- It is the disorder in the nerves that are connected to the brain.
  • Psychogenic:- In this thinking and reasoning power affected.

Some other common symptoms of stuttering:

  • Those who stammer often repeat sounds or words.
  • Produce speech and sound in a prolonged manner.
  • Hesitation before certain sounds.
  • Certain speech sounds may be prolonged.
  • Speech may come out in spurts.
  • Frustrate when try to talk.
  • Sounds long such as baaall instead of the ball.
  • Eye blinks too much, lips tremors.

Various way to treat stuttering:

If someone is stuttering because of their uncontrolled breathing problem. Ask them to take a deep breath and provide a favorable and relaxed environment. There are some ways to treat stuttering such as-

  • Controlling and monitoring speech rate with smooth fluent words or speak at a low speed. You can also use short sentences.
  • To overcome stuttering one need to have speech therapy and learn how to regulate breathing?
  • You can also control your stuttering with Abdominal breathing.
  • Speech therapy can be used as a treatment to the stammering. Therapy can help your child to improve pronunciation. The therapy enhances the rate of speech and breath support.
  • The other way to treat stuttering is an electronic device. It helps children to record their own voice and hear it back so that they can remove their stuttering problem.

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