Which is best game for speech therapy at home?

Speech therapy involves evaluation and treatment of speech, language, cognitive functioning and also include disorders such as problems that affect a person’s learning, memory, perception or problem-solving skills.

Games is the best way to speech therapy at home because games are single things that are the most favorite for every child. Speech practice can be done from anywhere, with minimum preparation and some creativity it can still be fun and effective.

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Playing also helps them in growing in every expect.

These games in therapy mainly used for three purposes:

1) For introducing young children with the concepts of simple games,

2) Teaching and building social-cognitive skills, for example, turn-taking and joint attention (particularly the children suffering from social cognitive delays- autism, ADHD and sensory processing disorder, among others)

3) They work as reinforcing activity while teaching other speech/language skills

Games for Speech Therapy


This is one of the favorite games among all. Zingo is fantastic for taking a turn and building the vocabulary. Add some commentary about the items in the picture and your fun language building for hours in one little game.

best game for speech therapy at home

Hello Sunshine Game

A wonderful game for teaching locative concepts, It is a FUN active game where turns hiding Sunshine taken in a number of different places while learning about locative concepts. Games like these are most lovable that get kids moving and helps in teaching the skills in a playful and meaningful way. Generally targeted for 18 months and above.

best game for speech therapy at home


It is a classic preschool game, Cootie is a great game for taking turns, body part vocabulary, and fine motor skills. In fact, children suffering from fine-motor delay, this game can make them face challenges so you have to help these kids in building their cooties.

 best game for speech therapy at home

Sneaky squirrel

Sturdy tongs use with a pair, kids will comfort and start while they giggle if your poor fine motor skills.

best game for speech therapy at home


Cranium Hullabaloo has been recommended to the wide range of parents. It is supposed to be loads of fun and great for working on following directions.best game for speech therapy at home

Don’t Break the Ice

Little children have a lot to learn. Apart from this, I will use this game as a strong player while working on other skills in the therapy, children will earn “snow” which they use to set the game and when we earn all our snow And the game gets set, we play. It is also a great game to use to help kids control their impulses, and wait as small children want to kill ice with their hammers while awaiting their turn.

Honey Bee Tree

Another very popular game in my therapy! In Honey Bee Tree, the players are trying to remove the leaves one by one so that no bee falls (or as I play it, see how many bees fall!). When I am using it as a supplement in my therapy, then I have children who earn leaves and put them because we work on other skills and then we play the game is all set. Children seriously love this game.


With holiday off and running, I hope that you are able to find practical ways to help your kids practice their spoken words at home. The trick is to be creative with your surroundings and play to what will provoke your child’s interest.

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