Where To Store Hearing Aids When They Are Not In Ears?

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As everyone knows how important hearing aids are for us. And in general, we used to Store Hearing aids device in a dry and cold place.

So, in this article, we will talk about some useful tips to take care of the hearing aid device.

Hearing aids are so helpful and also a significant investment. Also, we can say that its a perfect technology for the hearing solution. If you are dealing with hearing loss problem this device works as an Amplifier.

Hearing machines receive the sound waves from the outer world (with the help of a microphone). And convert it into an electrical signal, then this electrical signal is amplified (by the amplifier).

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Hence, our ear canal receives this sound from a receiver, and we listen to the sound due to this feature.

Where You Can Store Hearing Aids?

Now we will talk about how to take care of Hearing Aids and how we can store hearing aids at various places when they are not in ears. Store hearing aids devices inside the provided case or another hard-shell case. That closes to make sure they’re properly sheltered and easy to locate. 

Here following are 8 places where you can store hearing aids –

1. Night Stand

It is the most convenient and common area to store hearing aids. Because it is near to your bed and most accessible area. Also, it is helpful when you are going to bed and forget to put your device at a specific place. You can easily get them back to use when you wake up in the morning, within your reach. And without any problems, you can enjoy the morning.

2. Jewelry Box

It is the best place for females to store hearing aids safe and accessible. Every morning you can put your aid back with other jewelry. And put it back in the box every night when you take off your jewelry too. Also, it is a good hearing aid storage box because the box keeps out the moisture.

3. Sunglass Box

Sunglass Box is also one of the best boxes for store hearing aids and safe places for those who wear specs. It has one more advantage of keeping it in the box that we will get it whenever we want it and in the box, it will be good and safe without any damage. It also avoids moisture from the hearing machine. Sunglass is the best option because you always hold it with urself.

4. Hearing Aid Drawer and Freshener

It is a costly but useful tool to keep them or store hearing aids. Because it avoids all the moisture from your device (if some collected from all day long use). And keep them clear, also you will feel clean when you put your device on in the morning. This tool is portable, so you can carry it with you on any business trip or outing you need.

5. Hearing aid Dehumidifier

Sometimes, humidity can easily ruin your hearing machine and you may suffer. If you have a problem of excessive sweat, or moisture easily get into your device. You should use a hearing aid dehumidifier because it is the best option you can have to store hearing aids. Because it helps to keep your device dry and moisture-free.

6. Uncooked Rice

Uncooked Rice? Do not get shocked because it works well. Yes, uncooked rice is the best suitable option for you to store hearing aids. If you want to store hearing aids in rice is one of the easy and hassle-free tips. If you do not want to spend extra money caring for your device. Because rice excludes moisture from your device. Also, it is the best option if you drop them in water. Therefore, put your device in some uncooked rice and cover it for a few hours. After that, you can use your ear machine normally.

7. Salt

Just like uncooked rice, it is also a natural tip to take care and store hearing aids. Salt excludes the moisture from your devices. Because it’s a dry, cool environment to store hearing aids devices. We recommend you to avoid table salt and go for larger grains. This is so because they don’t get lodged in your devices and thus create more problems than they fix.

8. Sock Drawer

Yes! Sock drawer is perfect for store hearing aids and keeping your devices out of direct sunlight. It keeps the environment relatively dry. Since you’ll be stopping by as you get dressed, your drawer will be a convenient one-stop place for your devices.

Experts advise to remove the battery of your hearing aid in the night, for best battery life and keeping moisture out.

These are very useful and recommend places to store hearing aids, in terms of safety and long-lasting usabilities. Because the more you care about your device the longer you can use it.

Where Not to keep Your Hearing Aids?

If this is important where you should keep your device or how you protect or maintain your device then it’s also important where you should not keep your hearing aids. So let’s come and talk where we cannot keep your devices.

These are the following places where we have to avoid to keep our valuable device:

  • Refrigerator: People sometimes keep their electronics and batteries in the refrigerator to preserve battery life. But the moisture of the refrigerator damaged your device.
  • Bathroom: Bathroom is an open surface area where people keep their many things but you should avoid to keep your device and its battery here because it has lots of moisture, especially when you shower.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight: If you keep your aids device in sunlight that can damage your hearing aids as well. Due to direct heat from the sun.
  • Open surface area: Do not keep your device in an airy open surface area because the atmosphere has lots of moisture that is sufficient to damage your hearing aids.

These are some places where you should avoid keeping an ear machine because it’s very sensitive to moisture. And if you live in a humid area you have to consider strong your device specialized hearing aids.

Tips for taking care of your hearing aids

Your device is always with you day and night to play an active role in conversation and other relationships. For regular hearing enjoyment and clear tone hearing machines. you have to learn proper care and maintenance. Because regular care and maintenance of them are necessary.

These are the following tips for regularly taking care of them:

1. Keep your device in a cold and dry place.

2. When you are not using it just turn off your device.

3. Avoid moisture and keep away from water.

4. Often change the hearing aid battery.

5. Keep hearing aids free of earwax.

6. Often change your ear wax filter.

7. Always handle with care.

8. Schedule your routine for cleaning your device.

9. Wash your hand before handling your hearing aid device,

10. Keep in a safe place away from children and pets.

11. Avoid extreme heat and extreme cold.

12. While cleaning your device make sure your hand should dry and clean.

13. Use soft and clean cotton or small brush while you clean your hearing aids.

14. Avoid any other tools to insert in a hearing aids this could damage the receiver.

15. Wipe your hearing device with a dry cloth.

You should schedule your routine check-up with local hearing aids, professional experts every 4-6 months, or if you suspect something is wrong immediately consult with your doctor.

Hearing Aid Maintenance Tools

In the above article, we have talked about how to maintain our device now let’s talk about the tools which we usually need to clean the device. These tools can be purchased online or in a chemist shop. Before buying this tool you should consult with your doctor that which cleaning tool is suitable for your particular hearing aid.

These tools help in keeping them in an original condition:

1. Rayovac 5-in-1 Cleaning Tool– It contains five tools attached in one device easily capable and simple to use. The 5 tools and its properties are Wax removal brush, Wax removal pick, Tube and vent cleaner, battery door opener, Battery replacement magnet.

2. Mini brush with magnet– Ideal for opening a microphone around and removing foreign matter around. A magnet tool for removing and inserting a hearing aid battery that clear tone hearing aids.

3. Magnet Tool– Magnetic tool for removal and installation of batteries from all types of hearing devices.

4. Wax Loop with Brush and Magnet– These tools are designed to pick wax and get inside hearing aids to clean it.

5. Vent cleaning tools– Use for clearing trapped cerumen from relief vent.

Experts advise to remove the battery of your hearing aid in the night, for best battery life and keeping moisture out.

If you are not sure how to properly clean your hearing devices, or if need any advice related to hearing ask your hearing professional right away for help or you can give us a call on our toll-free +91-9327901950 today to book your appointment. We are glad to help you.

This concludes our tips to store hearing aids. Hope you like it. And don’t forget to comment if you have any other helpful storage tips that work for you.

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