7 Essential Hearing Aid Care Tips: (Protect Your Hearing From Summer Heat)

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Spending time outdoors in the spring and summer is great unless you’re spending most of the time outside. It becomes extremely difficult to manage hearing aid in summers and springs. Summer Hearing Aid Care Tips will help you to manage this problem.

Hearing aids can be damaged when revealed to moisture or heat. Water and Sweat are the two biggest rivals of hearing aids during summer, and change in temperature can cause condensation.

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All these are damaging your hearing machines and may prevent them from working properly.

Summer Hearing Aid Care Tips For Wearers

Summer Hearing Aid Care Tips will help the ear machine wearers to manage various kind of problems they may face during the summer time.

Summer Hearing Aid Care Tips

All Summer Hearing Aid Care Tips are as follows :

1. Moisture Combat

Tiny particles inside your hearing aid can be affected by water and sweat. The dehumidifier helps in keeping the condensation out and moreover, makes your hearing device to last longer. Investing dry cloth to avoid moisture buildup.

While doing the vigorous activity, wear a sweatband for protecting your hearing devices from moisture. Wipe them at regular intervals, even if they even if your device is water-resistant or waterproof. you should try not to wear a hearing aid while going to the beach or pool.

2. Avoid High Temperatures

As extreme heat can damage hearing devices, don’t leave them in high temperatures or under direct sunlight. Store them in a dry, cool place if they are not in use. Wearing a hat when going outdoors to shade your devices from the sun.

3. Apply Sunscreen

The chemicals and oils present in sunscreen lotions and sprays can damage your hearing devices. So, you should use caution while staying safe in the sun.

Washing hands with antibacterial soap and dry them thoroughly after applying the sunscreen and before putting in hearing devices.

Try to avoid spraying sunscreen around face and neck, and ensure you have fully rubbed all sun lotion before you insert your hearing aids.

4. Fight Bacteria

Humid summer days can lead to the growth of fungi and bacteria inside hearing devices. Regularly disinfect them with the help of antimicrobial wipes specifically made for hearing aids.

These products are of a perfect size for carrying in purse or wallet, so you can have them readily available – even on the run.

5. Travel Safe

Hearing loss may spoil your summer vacation – simply plan ahead for ensuring a fun-filled trip! Stock up for extra batteries and book a kind of hotel that accommodates the hearing impaired.

These rooms will be boasting visual cues for phones, doorbells, and alarms.

6. Help Hearing Aid Batteries Beat The Heat Too

Did you know that hearing machine batteries are sensitive to heat?

Increases in temperatures in the summer months can use batteries faster. To deal with this, open the battery door on your hearing device at night. This allows for extended battery life, as well as a way of avoiding them for moisture.

Remember the heat. Excessive heat can cause serious damage to your devices Never keep them in hot care or hot cart gloves box. We recommend keeping your ear machines in your ears or keeping them in a cool, dry place. This will also prevent you from melting the plastic coating on your hearing device.

7. Avoid Moisture And Water

The water is not a friend of hearing aids. Moisture can cause an array of mechanical issues with your hearing devices (microphone and receiver damage, sound opening/earmold tube clogging issues, and war in hearing devices).

We suggest that use an umbrella or rain hat in the summer rain, dry your ears properly after contact with water and in very humid conditions or when sweating can be an issue, avoid wearing hearing devices.

Do not forget to remove them before bathing and protect them against waterproof safety. Using a dry-ed kit at the end of summer days, you will be able to remove moisture from your hearing devices while sleeping.

What if the hearing aids become wet?

If your hearing devices come in contact with water or moisture, remove the battery immediately. Let them dry for a long time (several hours).

If you are the owner of a dry-ed kit, then use it to accelerate the drying of hearing machines. Please do not use an electronic dryer (oven, microwave, hairdryer, etc.) to speed up the drying process of your hearing device.

Hearing Machine Care Tips

Swimming, boating, barbecue: In the summer there is a lot of fun in the sun, and your hearing helps to increase every moment. Summer Hearing Aid Care Tips will help you during these activities.

As you offer all the weather, it is important to keep in mind that too much heat and moisture can harm the fragile components of your hearing devices.

It does not sweat – you can still enjoy the past of all your favorite summer so that in order to help them in the coming years, some simple steps can be taken to protect and take care of them.

There are some common places to help you hear this summer:

  • The pool. If you enter water or not, it is easy for your hearing aid to become wet if it is not properly stored.
  • The beach. Many people opt to leave their hearing aids at home because the air can blow sand and dirt into your equipment.
  • Boating. If you have the possibility of being soaked (speed boating, kayaking, canoeing), then leave your hearing aids on the edge.
  • Tropical atmosphere. High humidity invites more moisture and sweating, so to regularly dry your hearing aid it will be necessary to keep clean and functioning on extreme performance.
  • Spas/steam rooms
  • During the camp and during other outdoor activities

How To Keep Hearing Aids Dry?

There are various types of hearing aids specially designed to save and eliminate moisture. Keep these items with your sunglasses and sunscreen:

  • Hearing aid dry box: A container for both storage and degradation equipment
  • Hearing aid cover: Sometimes devices are called headband or sleeves, they slip on your devices to prevent dirt and moisture.
  • Hearing aid cord and clip: They keep your devices attached to your clothes, so you should not worry about falling and losing them.
  • Portable waterproof container: For storing your equipment around wet areas

Hearing Aids Tips For Water & Humidity

The waterproof hearing device is designed to keep electrical components and batteries completely sealed when they are submerged in water.

If you spend a lot of time swimming or near water, custom waterproof earmolds may be more suitable for you than conventional hearing aids. Ask your audiologist that listening devices are the best for your lifestyle.

Water-resistant hearing aids are not meant to be immersed in water, but they are good for people in a humid climate (i.e. high humidity position), and those who may have splatter when sitting near the pool.

Occasional problems for you, you can simply invest in a water-resistant cover for your hearing aids.

If your listening ability becomes wetter than your loved ones, then here are some Summer Hearing Aid Care Tips for you:

1. Wipe them down: Remove the batteries from your hearing device and dry the hearing aids and batteries with a dust-free cloth. In this way, no additional moisture can go into your device.

2. Keep the battery door open: Keep the battery door open until morning so that the air can come in and remove any moisture you’ve lost.

3. Use a dehumidifier: Many drugstores and hearing centers sell inexpensive small dehumidifiers – you can keep your hearing aids throughout the night to store them safely and dry them.

4. Put them in a bowl of rice: Put your hearing device in a bowl of rice, which will expel moisture. If your hearing device was in contact with excessive moisture, it could take several days to dry.

Beating the Heat

Spending some time in the sun does not harm your hearing device, but excessive heat (excessive weather, leaving your hearing power directly in sunlight, etc.) can damage internal components, melt external components, And can greatly reduce battery life.

Here are some Summer Hearing Aid Care Tips for keeping your hearing safe from heat:

  • If you need to remove your hearing aids, then be sure to put them out of the sunlight directly. When you remove your hearing device in the pool, leave them in a waterproof container in a quiet, shaded place.
  • If you live in the sunlight for an extended period of time, wear a hat to polish your hearing aids with extreme heat.
  • Never store your hearing device in the glove compartment of the car or any other area where they will be exposed to high heat.
  • Remove your hearing device before blowing-dry your hair.
  • Firing up to barbecue? Remember that your hearing aid batteries are especially sensitive to high temperatures.
  • Avoid extreme temperature changes. Rapid changes in temperature can cause condensation on the internal wires of your hearing device, which can lead to a small rotation.

Secure Your Hearing Aids While Playing Sports

When playing the game, make sure that your hearing aids are firmly engaged before you leave. You may want to consider some of these Summer Hearing Aid Care Tips or solutions can help:

  • Game Clips – These clips are directly connected to your hearing device and keep them with a wire or a piece of plastic that goes around your head.
  • Game defeat – They clip your hearing instruments and go behind your head. Some even clips behind their shirts.
  • Sweatbands – Absorbent cloth of sweatband fits on hearing aid without compromising the quality of sound.

Before starting any new summer activity, go to your audiologist to make sure that your hearing aids are adjusted and protected for your favorite activities.


Your hearing aids are a big investment, and you want them to last for many years. Although the summer season can present a challenge for these high-tech gadgets, these Summer Hearing Aid Care Tips will help you to work on extreme performance so that you can enjoy all the wonderful sounds of the weather.

The better you will take care of them, the more they care for you. Soft, waterproof, hard cases are available for each type of hearing machine.

Remember if you start to notice a drop in sound quality from your devices and you have cleaned them, they should be serviced right away.

Maintenance, Cleaning, extra batteries, hearing consultants can help with those things so that you can keep enjoying your summer activities.

If need any advice related to hearing, visit your hearing professional right away for help or you can also give us a call on our toll-free +91-9327901950 today to book your appointment. We are glad to help you.

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