Clogged Ears (Stopped Up Ear): 7 Instant Ways to Unclog / Fix it

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Getting your ears clogged with all kinds of things can be very annoying. Many people experience blockage in the ear canal, which if not taken care could also have potential threats to hearing capabilities in individuals.

When you have to deal with such things, then doing it the easy way should be the most sought-after solution. Besides, there are a lot of home remedies to unclog ears.

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It’s not only common among children but adults too, often have their this sensation inside the ear (or both the ears), Some people say my ear closed and making them feel rather irritated.

Common Factors that Lead to Clogged Ear

Your ear canal is like a door of open opportunities to foreign objects and intangible particles that make their way in and cause problems – some of which can be painful, too.

A few factors that commonly cause your ears to become clogged up are:

1. Wax buildup

Generally, earwax is protective in nature. But, when it hardens, the ears become clogged and cause pain, ringing, etc. Too much accumulation of earwax is responsible for the ear clogging. There are various earwax drops & removal kit available in the market which you can use to get rid of it.

2. Dirt Particles

External particles, dirt, and insertion of foreign objects like cotton swab cause the ear to clog. The insertion of these objects damage the inner cells of the ear. And you may suffer from hearing related problems.

3. Air pressure

You may experience ear clogging while scuba diving, climbing mountains or on an airplane. You can also call it Ear Barotrauma or “Airplane ear“. As sometimes Eustachian tube cant equalize the pressure due to change in altitude or pressure. This causes clogging of ears.

4. Sinus problems

A common cold, flu, allergies and various factors responsible for sinus infections block the nasal passage and it leads to Eustachian tube blockage. As a result, you feel as something is clogged in your ear.

5. Ear Infections

Otitis Media, an ear infection occurs when fluid starts to build up in the middle ear and harmful microbes start to grow. This causes the sensation of ears blockage.

6. Acoustic neuroma

Acoustic neuroma is a benign growth of the tumor in the nerves of the inner ear. It grows with the time period. As a result when the tumors grow, then it puts pressure on the nerves in the inner ear. This results in the clogging of the ears, ear pain, etc.

Eustachian Tube Blockage

Eustachian tube blockage

Fluid and mucus flow from the ear to the back of the throat through this tube, where it’s swallowed. But instead of flowing down the throat, fluid and mucus can sometimes become trapped in the middle ear and causes ear clogging.

These common factors can be found in both children and adults. Although some children and adults may often experience blockage in their ears which could be seasonal such as during winter when cold hits you bad.

Other than this, the problem could also occur when you suffer from cold during other seasons of the year.

The above causes can cause ear clogging and you may face various consequences because of the ear clogging. How will you come if there is a clogged ear?

You may come across various signs that will indicate your problem. In extreme cases, you may refer to an audiologist (+91-9327901950).

Symptoms That Are Likely To Show Up

When your ears get clogged, you tend to show certain symptoms that affect you in one way or the other. Some of these common symptoms include:

  • Popping sound in your ear
  • Buzzing, ringing, wheezing and thumping in the ear
  • Itching in the ear
  • Pain in the outer and inner ear
  • The high temperature in the ear
  • Reduced hearing capability
  • Fever

If you are experiencing the signs and symptoms that are mentioned above, you must seek treatment immediately from a professional doctor who specializes in ENT (ear, nose, and throat).

However, there are also some simple methods which you can follow in order to effectively treat the problems that you experience in your ears.

Ear Drops to Loosen or Soften Earwax

The following are some natural solutions people can use to soften the earwax and allow it to exit the ear safely. These are often added to the ear in the form of drops:

  • Mineral oil
  • Baby oil
  • Carbamide peroxide
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Glycerin

How to Unclog Ears?

In cases where you might be experiencing problems in either one or both your ears and which are minor, then here are some few simple natural remedies that can help you easily unclog your ears and get relief quickly, without damaging your ears:

1. Yawn

Having a blocked ear can sometimes make your hearing unclear. You can decrease the air pressure and pop open your blocked ears by yawning a couple of times until you’re able to hear clearly.

2. Swallowing

Ear clogging is due to the blockage of Eustachian Tube. Swallowing automatically enables the muscles to work and open the eustachian tube.

It connects the middle ear to the back of the nose. Chewing gum and sucking or chewing candy can activates the function of the Eustachian tube properly. This unclogs your ear.

3. Warm Compress

warm compress to unclog ears

Warm compress is one of the natural treatments for unclogging your ears that is commonly associated with cold or sinus congestion as well as getting quick relief from earaches.

The heat from a warm compress will help loosen congestion, unclog the ear and also help in easing the pain. Soak a washcloth in warm water leaving out the excess water and then hold it over the ear for about 15 minutes.

This helps in easy drainage of fluid from the ear canal and relieves you from pain as well.

Alternatively, you can use a hot water bottle wrapped in a cloth and apply it for a few minutes on the blocked ear. The pressure will open up the clogged ear, while also reducing ear pain.

4. Steam

Steam is another natural home remedy that is used for treating various kinds of problems with regards to your body and health.

Also, this is the most suggested method which comes handy especially in cases with fever, respiratory problems and much more.

You simply inhale steam by covering your head with a cloth over a bowl of hot water mixed with a few drops of essential oil (lavender or tea tree oil works). Repeat this method a few times a single day and your ear blockage will open up.

5. Valsalva Manoeuver

Valsalva Maneuver

This is a very helpful technique that can be performed by anyone and works well in clearing the ear canal off of blockage due to ear wax buildup, or when small amounts of water or other fluid gets trapped inside your ears.

This simple method requires you to pinch your nose and blow air out while your mouth is closed. Doing this for a couple of minutes is pretty effective and gives you quick relief.

This technique comes handy in situation when you are traveling and there is a change in either velocity or altitude.

6. Toynbee Manoeuver

In this technique, you have to pinch your nostrils with your fingers while swallowing. It is as effective as Valsalva Manoeuver.

7. Mineral Oil

mineral oil to unclog ears

Mineral oil, olive oil and/or baby oil can be very useful in unclogging your ears. Its use is also very simple. For this method to work effectively, warm a tablespoon of mineral, olive or baby oil of your choice to a certain degree and not making it too hot.

Pour one or two drops of warm oil into your ears and let it stay for about 15 seconds, followed by a proper cleansing with water (preferably warm water).

Continue this method for at least a week in order to unclog your ears effectively from the unwanted build up of ear wax or fluid.

8. Hot Shower

Usually, a hot shower or bath also helps in a number of ways – it clears air passages in people who have respiratory disorders, neutralizes body temperature when downed with fever and is a good solution to clean the inner ear properly, while you bathe.

Splash hot water inside your ear, tilt your head slightly upwards for a few seconds and then gently tilt your head down to drain the water out and clear out the ear wax build up along.

9. Dislodge Trapped Fluid

When your ears become trapped with the liquid, you may suffer from clogged ears. You have to dislodge these fluids in order to unclog ears.

You can remove trapped fluid by inserting the index finger into the ear and moving a finger up and down. This process will work and you will get relief from blocked ears. You can also use a hair dryer with low heat to unclog ears.

10. Over The Counter Ear Drops

Ear-drops can also be purchased from a local pharmacy in your area. The ear-drops help you remove substances that block your ear canal. You may use acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or naproxen.

The ear wax removal system like Debrox Earwax Removal Kit and Murine Earwax removal system. It flushes the earwax and ears become unclogged.

11. Use Decongestant or Medications

Over the counter, tablets and nasal saline sprays can relieve you from sinus congestion. As a result, you will also be ease from ears stopped up.

But you should avoid using nasal sprays for more than 3 days. The more you will use this, the more sprays you will need as you are congested.

Antihistamines play a desirable role in relieving clogged ears by improving sinus infections, running of the nose, and treating allergies. You can use nasal decongestants, nasal corticosteroids.

12. Ear Flushing or Irrigation

Ear flushing

The best method is to flush out the impacted wax, debris out of the ear canal to clear the clogging of the ears. You can use a syringe and put a mixture of warm water and saline for this purpose.

You should put water through the syringe into the ear after 15 -30 minutes of drops. Ear flushing, syringing and irrigations helps to soften the wax and remove it from the canal.

Natural Remedies for Allergies and Infections

If someone experiences a blocked ear due to an allergy or infection, they will also likely experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • A runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • A sore throat
  • A fever with infections
  • Gently blowing the nose while pinching the nostrils shut until a popping sound is heard

Work Your Way

The unclogged ear is temporary. But sometimes it becomes hard for the sufferers to get relief from it. If there is still ear blockage after using the remedies, you should immediately rush to your nearby audiologists.

The home remedies mentioned above, as you can see, are safe to implement, especially when dealing with ear blockage. You should treat your blockage as soon as possible. Other it may lead to other hearing difficulties.

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