New Year’s Resolutions To Improve Your Hearing in 2020

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Well, 2019 is going and 2020 is approaching. Every new year brings new renewal, new thoughts, a new beginning, and New Year Resolutions too. So we all have pledged to make the year “2020” better than the year “2019”. But if the New Year Resolutions is realistic and practical you should put maximum efforts to complete it at any cost.

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It has been said that “Health is wealth”. If you are healthy, you will be more productive and resourceful. Therefore this year, pledge to take some healthy New Year Resolutions. Thus our topic is directed to take some healthy New Year Resolutions for your ear.

The ear is one of the most important sense organs. Thus the New Year Resolutions to make hearing better in 2020 is an important and practical New Year Resolutions. Get on the road to success by setting practical goals for a healthier lifestyle, which includes hearing health.

New Year's Resolutions To Improve Your HearingHealthy hearing 2

Prioritizing Your Hearing in the New Year

Well, it is natural to think about why to take care of hearing if we are hearing normally. Hearing loss is the third most common arising problem after heart disease and diabetes. Thus it is an alarming stage and this creates a need to think about the auditory system.

While hearing health tends to fly under the radar, our hearing actually plays a huge role in our overall health and well-being. There is an interconnection link between the various body system and the auditory system. Thus it promotes overall well being.

Healthy hearing promotes better social, cultural, and occupational life. A person with a healthy ear will be more concentrated, productive, and shows better performance in the workplace. It enhances a healthy relationship with colleagues, family members, friends, and groups.

After making the New Year Resolutions for new year hearing, it becomes challenging to do in the right direction. Making New Year Resolutions is an easy task but completing it successfully is a mere challenging task. Let’s have a look at the following steps on how to make your new year hearing better and happier than ever.

Healthy hearing tips
  • Schedule a hearing exam
  • Buy safer headphones
  • Protect your ears
  • Make heart health a priority
  • Wear your hearing aids consistently
  • Be your own advocate
  • Explore new technologies
  • Adjust your diet and lifestyle habits
  • Make an appointment with the audiologists
  • Cutting stress
  • Staying in touch with family and friends
  • Starting a new hobby
  • Taking action
  • Be proactive  
  • Keep music in your life
  • Be grateful for your hearing health at whatever level it is

Let’s discuss these points in detail :

Schedule a hearing exam

hear screening

Reasons to schedule a hearing test :

  • Identifying hearing loss early brings many benefits – Informs you about the cause, type of hearing loss you are suffering, and what type of hearing aids you need.
  • Treating hearing loss improves your earning power
  • Early detection of hearing loss is good for your social life
  • Identifying hearing loss could also identify other medical conditions – Cardiovascular conditions impacted earwax and vestibular system
  • A Hearing test is quick and painless.

Buy safer headphones

Safer headphones

To protect your hearing, it’s not only important to turn down the volume when listening to music, but it would be wise to invest in noise-canceling headphones that block outside noise so you won’t absentmindedly max out the volume. Focus on protecting your hearing this year by resolving to purchase headphones that are better for your ears.

Protect your ears

Protection of your ears
Safety ear plugs

You must protect your ear even you are not suffering from hearing impairment.

  • Wear ear muffs or earplugs to prevent your ears from the noise above 85 decibels.
  • Consult audiologists in case of the abnormal hearing or other abnormal conditions of the ear.
  • Invest in safer headphones
  • Take care of your hygiene of the auditory system.
  • Monitor decibels in your surroundings.
  • Identify the needs of your ear and take action on the areas of improvement. Example: Use proper assistive listening devices as per your need.

Make heart health a priority

Healthy heart
Healthy heart diet

Heart health is directly linked to hearing health. As a result, good blood circulation has an overall positive effect on hearing.

  • Hearing screening is to be done for both auditory and cardiovascular system.
  • Proper diet and lifestyles
  • Adequate exercises and physical activities
  • Checkups and follow up

Wear your hearing aids consistently

Wearing hearing aids

Resolve to keep your hearing aids in, even if you get frustrated. Set a reminder on your phone to put in your hearing aids in the morning and take them out at bedtime.

Be your own advocate

  • Utilize caption readers at the movies if they are available.
  • Ask for a booth or a table in the corner of a crowded restaurant rather than one in the middle of the dining room.
  • Mention your hearing loss to any new person with whom you have a conversation.
  • Tell people about your hearing loss and get the word in order to support your journey to healthy hearing.
  • Let people know what you need from them in order for you to understand what they are speaking.

Explore new technologies

New listening devices

Let’s resolve to find out the latest and advanced listening devices like hearing aids, Bluetooth streaming devices, or amplified and/or captioned telephones. Ensure you’re getting the most out of your devices.

Exploring and gaining knowledge about these will choose the best and appropriate devices that will suit your ear. As a result, it will increase and maintain your span of the auditory system.

Adjust your diet and lifestyle habits

Diet for healthy heart
No smoking and alcohol

It can preserve your hearing long-term and ward off acquired hearing loss conditions.

  • An adequate and proper diet with sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals
  • Proper exercises and physical activities
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol as it damages ear to a large extent.

Make an appointment with the audiologists

Audiologists 2

This appointment is needed for :

  • Timely check-ups of the auditory system
  • To know about the devices prescribed for your ear.
  • Discuss the hearing-related problems with them and ask for particular care and treatment.
  • He supports your journey to healthy hearing.

Cutting stress

You should resolve to address your hearing issues in order to reduce your overall stress level. Stress, anxiety, and depression worsen your auditory system. Remove unwanted hearing-related stress to enjoy stressfree moments in this new year.

Staying in touch with family and friends

Being able to communicate with your loved ones, without worrying about the conversation over the phone, skype or face to face conversation will provide ease, happiness, and satisfaction to your body, mind, and soul.

Starting a new hobby

  • Learn how to play a new instrument to hear better notes
  • Discussion with the college groups without getting nervous
  • Addressing your hearing issues can lead to new talents and friends
  • Hold a “HearingWare” Party – Get a group together at your home and introduce them to the latest news about hearing technology. Invite an audiologist to speak and show off some of the latest in “HearingWare” and provide lots of information that guests can take home. It’s a wonderful and informal way to bring more of those we care about into the hearing loop.
  • Work with an Auditory Trainer -This will help you to discover focused listening exercises that can improve your speech comprehension and communication skills (and from personal experience, your music listening enjoyment as well).
  • Join a hearing loss support group -It will be easier and more comforting and fun than stepping into a room where “everybody knows your game.” No embarrassment, no discomfort, no explanations. You will enhance cooperation, support, and empathy from them.

Taking action

Treating hearing loss

Treating your hearing loss will benefit not only your physical health but your mental and social health as well. Placing a priority on your hearing health will not only help you to achieve your New Year’s resolutions but will give you renewed confidence in your hearing and social life. Invest in your hearing. Invest in yourself.

Be proactive

The urge to say “be more demanding” is strong. Hearing loss is out of the closet and it’s OK to start asking for what you need in the way of hearing assistance and accommodations.

It starts with the willingness to ask friends and family to work on their interpersonal communication – then step it up and speak to people in charge at work and in shops, malls, public buildings, churches, restaurants, etc.

Keep music in your life


Music helps to boost your auditory system. It combines sensorimotor, cognitive, and reward networks. When these brain systems are activated in tandem, the brain is primed to reorganize itself in a more meaningful way.

Thus, actively making music is a viable strategy to make the auditory brain process sound more robust. Making music a couple of times a week can be enough to drive the auditory brain to more efficient sound processing, which leads to better hearing in noise, auditory memory, and attention.

Be grateful for your hearing health at whatever level it is

Be grateful and thanks them to support you in your journey to healthy hearing :

  • Thank your hearing provider for their services and staff
  • Be thankful for the companies, researchers, and specialists who are making life easier and better for all of us.
  • Also thank those who are speaking and writing about hearing the loss in ways that are breaking down barriers, adding to our knowledge about hearing loss, and getting us all back “in the hearing loop.


Humans are social creatures, and we all have some degree of support from our friends, loved ones, and communities. An untreated hearing loss could interfere with speech recognition, which could lead to a breakdown in communication. Folks with unhealthy hearing abilities can suffer from anxiety, stress, and depression.

Therefore if you want to stay healthy, focus on your auditory system this new year. This new year make resolutions and complete it with full efforts.

Now it is the time to say goodbye to 2019 and welcome 2020 along with the pledge to make your ear healthy and life lasting.

“This new year, take care of your ear and listen better. God bless you all with your long hearing life”.

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