Vitro Q Hearing Aid

Understanding Vitro Q Hearing Aid

The Phonak Virto Q comes in four different technology levels and is available in several In-The-Ear hearing aid designs, including ITE,ITC,micro CIC and the CIC shown in the image.  Phonak CIC hearing aids are available through your local hearing clinic.  Your audiologist will take an impression of your ear and send it to Phonak to have the hearing aid made.  At Clearly Hearing we offer a One-Size-Fits-Most CIC.  Our SmartAid Invisible hearing aids are so small that they fit inside the vast majority of adult ears comfortably.  We supply a variety of EarBuds to fit the tip of the hearing aid, which allows users to find just the right fit for their ear canals.
The chart below illustrates some of the features and technologies available in the Phonak Virto Q & SmartAid Invisible line of hearing instruments.  The SmartAid Invisible has been developed to allow customers access to affordable CIC hearing aids that don’t skimp on digital hearing technology.