Naida Q Hearing Aid

Understanding Naida Q Hearing Aid

Phonak Naida Q Hearing Aid is helpful for severe to profound hearing loss. It is designed for maximum level of audibility. It is reliable. It improves speech intelligibility by using Sound Recover frequency compression. It improves your day to day listening experience.

Features of Phonak Naida Q Hearing Aid:-
  1. Understand everything:- It contains a sound recorder that allows you to listen new sounds everyday like birds chirping,children laughing and dog barking.
  2. Understand everywhere:-Indoor or out, Phonak prvides a unique technology that is Binaural Voicestream Technology. This technology detects speech clearly in both ears.
  3. Understand with comfort:-A new technology that it provides is whistleblock. This technology removes the whistling from your hearing aids so that you can listen easily.
  4. Made to last:-It is water and dust resistant. You will not need be worried about the hearing aids in the rainy season.
  5. More access:-If you want more understanding in noise and over distance then you can connect it to all Roger Microphones.

In every type of situation, you want to hear the sound more clearly with confidence. All of the above unique features of Phonak Naida Q Hearing Aids allows you to enjoy every situation or movement of life. It is available in different colors. You can any of the color. These hearing aids are available in 3 models reflecting your degree of the hearing aids. Hearing care professional suggests you for the right model and performance level.

Three models of the Phonak Naida Q Hearing Aids are given below:-

  1. Naida Q-RIC (Receiver in canal):-It is helpful for moderate to profound hearing loss people.
  2. Naida Q-SP (Behind the ear):- It is also helpful for moderate to profound hearing loss people.
  3. Naida Q-UP (Behind the ear):- It is helpful for profound to severe hearing loss people

You can boost your speech understanding in noise and over distance by using the following devices:-

  1. Roger Pen:- It is a wireless microphone. You can use for at work or home. It provides the better understanding of speech in noisy environment and over the distance. It also provides Bluetooth connectivity.
  2. Roger EasyPen:-This is a smart wireless microphone. It is helpful for one-on-one or group conversations in noisy environment.
  3. Roger Clip-On Mic:-Roger partner microphone is very powerful and is helpful for listening the sound in noisy environment. No matter what hearing aid or cochlear implant you use, there is a compatible Roger receiver.
  4. Roger Receivers:- With the help of Roger microphone, Roger receivers directly transmit the signal to your hearing aid or cochlear implant sound processor.
  5. Phonak ComPilot:- It is multipurpose streamer with up to 24 hours streaming time. It contains a variety of audio sources.
  6. Phonak DECT:- It transmits the calls automatically to your hearing aids. There is no need to manually change your hearing aid programs.