Audeo Q Hearing Aid

Understanding Audeo Q Hearing Aids

Phonak’s popular Audeo Q line provides excellent listening quality in even the most challenging noise situations like wind – all in an aid so discreet it virtually disappears behind the ear. Key features include Binaural VoiceStream Technology aimed at maximizing balance between the ears and Speech in Wind, to help improve speech understanding even when the wind is blowing. Like the Audeo V, it also features a tinnitus treatment option.

Audeo Q Features & Specifications

Fitting Range: Mild to severe hearing losses

Receiver-in-Canal (RIC): Like BTE, but the receiver piece goes inside your ear

Key Features: 
Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ offers improved speech fluency in complex listening situations
Speech in Wind allows you to hear voices even on windy days
Auto StereoZoom offers automatic directional adjustments for more natural hearing of complex sounds
Auto ZoomControl helps you automatically chooses the focus of your hearing when you can’t easily face the speaker

Various fashion colors and shades to match skin and hair

Audeo Q-10
Audeo Q-312
Audeo Q-312T
Performance Levels:

Premium (Audeo Q90)
Advanced (Audeo Q70)
Standard (Audeo Q50)
Essential (Audeo Q30)

Tinnitus Features:
Tinnitus Balance noise generator in all models and performance levels.