Why most people use sign language instead of lip reading?

Studies show that only around 30 to 45 percent of the English Language can be understood through lip-reading alone. Most deaf people use Sign Language instead of Lip Reading because according to the research, lip-reading is not as good as the sign language. Because lips reading may create confusion as most of the words look alike. This is the reason that deaf people are more inclined to towards the sign language.

A deaf baby can not learn a spoken language through sound and lipreading. A deaf baby raised in an auditory-only home will not experience stimulation to the language centers of the brain.

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Every baby would learn sign language as an infant. The development of the eye and hand quicker than the growth of ear and mouth.

Babies understand and produce sign language. When parents use sign language the child naturally responds in sign language.

A brain wired for sign language is significantly different than brain wired for spoken language. If a child raised in a deaf house, then it’s possible for their brain to be wired for both.

An adult learning their first sign language will have an under-developed visual cortex for language processing through their auditory cortex. But on this, there is always a misconception and misunderstanding.

Sign Language Is Easier Than Lip Reading

Approximately 10% of people with learning loss communicate in sign language as their first language. Some people lose their hearing through illness or other cause. After that, they learn their native language and prefer to speak and/or lipread.

Cochlear implants also help many deaf children to hear and undergo intense speech therapy with the speech-language pathologist.

Lipreading sometimes called speech reading. It is a difficult skill to acquire. Even the best lip reader can catch only 25-30% of speech.

So that’s why deaf people prefer signed language instead of lipreading.

Why learn sign language if you did not have to?

1. Hearing loss is more usual than you think

2. Give your job or business an added raise

3. Help your hearing children to communicate and read

4. Find a job or work you really love

5. Be a volunteer

6. Help others


Lip-reading is mainly improved by knowing the context of the situation. Deaf people look at the context of the discernible word in the sentence to fill in the word that they didn’t understand. Many mouth movements appear similar on the lips and look same to the deaf people.

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