What kind of programs can be organized for parents of autistic children?

A program organized for parents of autistic children and also for their family to educate patients on how to develop the best autism treatment strategy? And also help parents to gain knowledge about autism. There is a list of various programs organized for parents of autistic children.

Parents of autism children home program can be a valuable resource for families. It can teach parents to develop effective autism home treatment plans. A treatment program follows certain protocols like behavior analysis, to identify various autism symptoms.

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These activities will improve the social, communication and speech and language disorders among the children.

List of a program organized for parents of autistic children:

Son-rise program: 

It is developed by Barry Neil Kaufman and also his wife Samahria Lyte Kaufman to treat their autistic son Raun. It is helpful in autism treatment center of America. This program focuses on one-to-one teaching strategy. And interactive play strategies for parents of an autistic child to improve language, communication and social skills of a child. This autism treatment program treats autism as a neurological program, not as a behavioral. 

Principle and Techniques of Son-Rise Program

  • Joining in a child’s repetitive behaviors helps to comprehend behaviors and develops eye contact, social development and the inclusion of others in play.
  • Utilizing a child’s own motivation which helps in learning education and developing skills.
  • Teaching via interactive play enhanced social communication and concentration.
  • Encouraging the child results in continuous learning and interaction.
  • Build up a safe, play area environment for learning and growth.

Relationship Development Intervention (RDI): 

Developed by Dr. Steven Gutstein. It is a parent-child basis program focuses on improving social interaction and emotional responses. In this program parents and consultant of RDI work together in activities such as one- to- one. They also work together to improve child social interaction as well as opportunities. This development program helps a child to understand nonverbal clues, appropriate social behavior and also about the emotions of other people.

Objectives of RDI

  • Descriptive Language to describe a story in a narrative way.
  • Emotional referencing ability to learn from experiences.
  • Flexible Thinking is the ability to change things according to the situation.
  • Social Coordination is the ability to coordinate with other 
  • Reconsideration and Planning is the ability to think about the past and plan future possibilities.
  • Information Processing is the ability to solve problems

Applied behavior analysis(ABA):

 It is a one-to-one treatment strategy. That focuses on appreciating their good behavior and ignoring their bad behavior to encourage an autistic child. In this parents of an autistic child, as well as ABA therapist, work together for good behavior, repetition as well as structured teaching to improve child communication, social interaction, and language skills.

Goals of ABA

  • Communication and language
  • Social skills
  • Self-care (maintaining yourself)
  • Play 
  • Motor skills
  • Learning and academic skills


In this program, parents interact with their child to educate them through play. A child-led interaction builds trust and encourages social interaction as well as communication. In this patient’s expand an area of social integration of a child and activities.

Floortime Aims

  • Self-regulation 
  • Engagement in relationships
  • Two-way communication
  • Complex communication
  • Emotional ideas
  • Emotional thinking


In this, the therapist work with child through one to one approach as discrete trial applied behavioral analysis and also as Floortime. It also works according to the specific needs of a child.

Principles of Wraparound Process

  •  Family voice and choice.
  •  Team-based.
  •  Natural supports.
  • Collaboration.
  •  Community-based.

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