Is It Ok For Me To Sleep In My Hearing Aids?

No, I think it’s not ok to sleep in hearing aid. You will receive the same advice from an audiologist to not to sleep in your hearing aids.

There are a number of reasons why you should not do the same. Another issue is comfort. Custom hearing aids and earpieces are made out of material like hard acrylic, silicon or even titanium so it might not be comfortable to sleep by wearing them. In addition, there is the possibility it could emerge whereas you are sleeping and get lost in the sheets.

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Further, it is important to air out through your ear canal. When you remove your hearing aids from your ear leave your battery compartment open. Because of it, your hearing will dry out.

We are not saying that if you fall asleep wearing your hearing aid then it will be life-threatening but we should not do so.

Reasons for not sleeping in your hearing aids

While you can technically wear your hearing aids to bed, it’s strongly recommended that you don’t for a number of reasons.

Resists ear breathing

However, the first reason is to permit your ear to breathe. The ear canal is lined with skin and wants air circulating over it frequently. Night-time is a good time to allow this to occur. The more your ear will breathe during sleeping, the comfortable and sleep you will get.

Conservation of battery life

Many of us don’t need to be able to hear while we are sleeping, therefore, it’s a good time to get rid of the hearing aids and open the battery door to conserve battery life. Thus removing hearing aid during sleep is necessary to conserve battery life for a long period.

Unnecessary Wear and tear

Sleeping with your hearing aids can cause unnecessary wear and tear. As hearing aids are costly and it needs proper maintenance and care. Thus unnecessary wear will disturb your ear and sleep too. Unnecessary tears will waste your hearing aid and money.

Creates Hearing Aid Feedback

A hearing aid that fits behind the ear has microphones that are positioned in the hearing aid housing behind the ear. When you sleep wearing the hearing aid, while it is switched on, every-time the microphones get covered with a pillow or mattress there is the potential to create feedback/ whistling from the hearing aids.

Necessary for Comfort

Hearing aids are made of out of a range of material – hard acrylic, silicon or even titanium. So when you lay on your ear for more than a short amount of time, this will be uncomfortable.

If you do happen to fall asleep with the hearing aids in your ears, know that it’s not life-threatening, but we would not recommend sleeping in them on a nightly basis.

Hearing Aids needs Air Out

Before going to bed remove your hearing aids. It will give time your hearing aids to dry out and also it give time to your ears to air out. Moisture can damage the hearing aids. Our ear produces moisture in the form of ear wax.

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