How does hearing loss(Deafness) affect learning

Hearing loss affects a person’s development and personality adversely. Hearing and learning both are connected. Hearing loss poses threat to speech and language development, communication and learning.

Hearing loss causes the delay in the development of speech and language, and those delays then lead to learning problems, often resulting poor in school performance.

Effects of hearing loss on learning

  1. It causes delay your working and interactive communication skills.
  2. It may reduce academic achievements.
  3. Communication is affected adversely. Learning solely depends on communication. Thus poor communication leads to poor learning.
  4. It may have an impact on your own choices.
  5. Hearing loss may cause embarrassment.
  6. Impact on vocational choices.

It causes a delay in the development of receptive and expressive communication skills (speech and language). Hearing loss, of course, it is a reason for poor academic achievements.

Speech Audiometry

Speech Audiometry is a hearing loss assessment tool which measures the degree of discomfort to speech stimuli.

Ear disability reduces ability in word recognition.

Learning difficulties due to hearing loss

Extensive Vocabulary-

It becomes very difficult for hearing impaired children to face words like cat, crump, behave, and read more easily than abstract the words like before, later, equal to, and jealous. They also have difficulty with function words like a, an, are, and the.

Structure of the sentence-

Children with hearing loss can’t understand the things easily. They prefer shorter and simpler sentences as compared to that child who is able to hear.

This type of disabilities faces the difficulties to understand and learn the hard sentences, which is relative to clauses.
Deaf children cannot understand the words which are ending with s or es.

The way of Speaking-

Children with hearing loss cannot hear quiet speech sounds likes, sh,l,k. Therefore they do not include them in their speech. Thus, speech may be difficult to understand.

When the deaf children speak, then they may unable to hear their own voice. As a result, they speak too loudly as compared to a normal person. They may have a high speaking pitch. They may sound like they are mumbling because of poor rate of speaking.

Hearing impaired person face difficulties in learning how to communicate because they cannot hear all the sounds around them or even their own voice.

Research has shown that children with a profound problem of hearing loss can learn how to speak. The sooner they are diagnosed and treated, the better they can perform. Without hearing assistance it can be very difficult for children who are born with a severe hearing problem to learn how to read, write and speak. Due to this, they might be missing favorite sounds.

How does hearing loss(Deafness) affect learning
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