Why I Need A Hearing Aid For Both Ears?

Human hearing is design for both ears. The technical term is biaxial hearing, and the hearing system is wired for it so that the best possible hearing and understanding can be obtained.

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If a professional evaluation by a hearing professional indicates that there is hearing impairment in both the ears. Then hearing aids can be recommended for both the years. While it may be tempting to try to limit the cost by going with a single hearing aid, the truth is that one hearing aid simply cannot do the job of two.

People with hearing loss often have questions, “Why I need a hearing aid for both ears?” Why one hearing aid is not sufficient?” If you have a visibility problem you have eyeglasses for both the eyes, right. The same way if you have hearing loss in both the ear you need a hearing aid for both ears.

When you talk to people sitting on either side of your ear, each ear separately sends a different signal to your brain. Your brain receives these signals differently and has a different impact on understanding and perception.

When your both the ear and your brain work effectively together, you develop a better understanding. Binaural hearing aids or wearing two hearing aid not only increases your auditory intelligence but also increases your instinctive sense. There are several benefits of wearing a hearing aid in both the ear and some are described below.

Benefits of hearing aid for both ears

Better sound reception

One of the major complaints most people have while using one hearing aid is whenever they try to hear the sound, they need to move their head towards the face of the speaker. A binaural hearing aid or two hearing aid identify the direction of the sound more accurately and helps the person to react suitably to his environment.

Provide better hearing in noise

Background noises such as noisy bus stops and restaurants make very difficult for people with one hearing aid to understand the sound properly. The directional microphone of Binaural hearing aid reduces noise blending and helps in discriminating the sound you want to hear.


It increases your ability to decide where the sounds are coming from. When hearing aid only in your left ear then it will be very difficult to localize the sound. Wearing hearing aid in both ears helps in distinguishing between the sounds.

Adjustment to the volume control

People who wear two hearing aid have less complaint of continuous adjustment of the volume compared to those who wear one hearing aid.

Mask tinnitus

Tinnitus is a  continuous ringing in the ear without an external environment. One hearing aid mask tinnitus in only one ear compared to two hearing aid.

Deliver higher satisfaction with hearing aids overall

Studies show that those who wear two hearing aids when needed, they are more satisfied with their hearing aids. The quality of the sound provided by two hearing aids increases the hearing experience significantly. Most say that once they try two hearing aids, they will never go back to wear only one.

Give your brain the information it needs

Just as you have two ears, your brain has two parts, and they work together, which is known as auditory intelligence. Each ear sends a different signal to your brain, and the signal travels to a complex nerve route. Some signs remain on the same side of the brain; Others walk in the opposite direction where they come in different ways and have different effects on perception and understanding. This complex system – covers both sides of both the ears and the brain – helps in increasing the hearing intellect and provides a better understanding of what you listen to.

Why wear hearing aids in both ears?

As the brain is developed to listen from both sides of ears. It is helpful to wear 2 hearing aids in both the ears. It enhances the ability of a person to listen. The response time will be faster as compared to the other person who is using 1 hearing aid.

The brain takes the signal from both the ears and sends a signal to you in which direction you have to respond. The person who is using one hearing aid will get perplexed from which direction sound is coming.

Using hearing aids in both ears will help you in comprehending the sounds. Further damage can be stopped using both hearing aids. Hearing aids in both ears maintain equality in both the ears.

Generally, hearing aid comes with one month trial. Consult your audiologist and on his recommendation try wearing two hearing aids and find the difference between wearing one or two hearing aid yourself.

You can purchase the latest hearing aids at a fair price through HearingSol, If you need more information or you have a query about Need of Hearing Aid For Both Ears or Hearing Loss, just give us a call on +91-9327901950. We are always here to help you.

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