Why does my hearing aid battery suddenly last a shorter time?

For how long should hearing aid batteries last? The standard hearing aid batteries last from 3-7 days. That’s a wide range. In fact, it’s unpredictable.

Batteries is a most important thing to run your hearing aid and it needs a steady power source to run effectively and properly. A low battery or defective battery can reduce the performance of a hearing aid. Hearing aid battery is an electronic device and it does not always reduce their durability due to the manufacturing fault. There are various environmental or other reasons that cause your hearing aid battery suddenly last a shorter time. Improper handling can also reduce battery life.

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Hearing machine is a small electronic device that you wear in your ear. It makes some sound louder so that a person with hearing loss listen clearly and able to communicate with others easily. It helps in hearing more in both quiet and noisy environment.

List of various reasons that affect the durability of a hearing aid cell:

  • Various Environmental conditions for hearing aid battery suddenly last a shorter time such as humidity, temperature, and moisture.
  • A lot of your personal hearing habits damage your hearing aid cell durability which includes higher noise level, new features of the hearing aid are being used.
  • Using hearing aid for a long period than normal.
  • It also reduces their durability if you replace your hearing aid buy a new hearing aid.
  • Some additional or advanced features consume more power than normal.
  • Some people handle or use their device improperly.
  • It also happens when the battery tab is removed before you are ready to use.
  • If you do not switch off hearing aid after a long period of use.
  • The battery loses its capacity due to short circuit and other physical damage.
  • When you place a hearing aid battery near the warm place.
  • More advanced hearing aid features require more energy use, which drains battery power more quickly.
  • Exposure to loud noises makes batteries work harder and die more quickly.
  • High altitude and extreme temperatures can lower battery capacity.
  • The hearing aid is not switched off overnight or after a long period of non-use.
  • The battery loses capacity due to a short circuit when mishandled
  • The battery is stored in a warm environment

How to increase battery longevity?

In order to make your hearing aid batteries work for a longer time you should follow the tips which are as follows :

  • Protect your hearing aid batteries with a dehumidifier or a dry kit and store it at the room temperature.
  • After taking the tab off of zinc-air batteries, let them sit for one minute or more, which can maximize their energy.
  • Save your battery power from draining. Remove the batteries from the hearing aid at night.
  • Clean the battery contacts inside the hearing aid with the help of cotton swabs.
  • Remove the batteries entirely if you won’t be using the device for an extended period of time.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before changing batteries.
  •  Open the battery door at night.
  • Use the oldest pack of batteries first.

Tips for hearing aid battery

  • Store batteries in their original box, loose among metal objects such as keys or coins.
  • Store them at room temperature
  • Keep sure batteries are not stored where kids or pets can reach them.


There are many reasons that hearing batteries may exhaust quickly. But by taking precautions you can get more energy out of each battery. You can also consider rechargeable hearing aids if you are in the market to buy a new set.

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