Why do I need to open the battery door at night?

Opening the hearing aid battery door at night-time ensures that the battery isn’t being drained, allowing for more inexpensive use of your hearing aid. Additionally, it permits air into the hearing aid, which is useful in preventing moisture build-up. Open the battery door at night removes the moisture from the hearing aids. It is very beneficial for your hearing aid.

If you do then the chances of hearing aids damage will be reduced. Proper care of hearing aids is required for better use. Some of the points are given below for the long-lasting life of your hearing aids.

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Reason to open the battery door at night

You should open the battery door at night in order to preserve the battery life when not in use. It increases the battery life of your hearing aids and you can use it for a longer time period.

In addition, it allows air to circulate within the aids to dry them out from daily moisture, humidity, and sweat. As daily moisture, humidity and sweat can reduce the efficiency of battery life and it can be corroded easily.

You should store your hearing aids in a hard case to protect it from pests and breakage. This will help you to locate the easy night routine for your battery life.

After usage, you should close the case to prevents the pet from sampling your better hearing.

Thus overall if you want to keep your battery life long, better hearing facilities, then you should open the battery door at night. 

Tips for the long-lasting life of your hearing device:

  • Open the battery doors at night.
  • Don’t use dead batteries
  • Avoid the moisture
  • Don’t refrigerate
  • Store extra hearing aid batteries in a dry, room temperature place.
  • Remove the batteries entirely if you won’t be using the device for an extended period of time.

Do`s and Dont`s

  • Leave the hearing overnight for complete dried out.
  • Do not use any heat such as a microwave or oven for drying your hearing device.
  • Dry your hearing aid using the hairdryer.
  • If your hearing aid gets into the water try to dry it in sunlight.
  • You can use humidifiers such as rice.


Try to keep your hearing aid dry. The more hearing aid battery is dry more will battery long last. Try to dry your hearing at night. Have multiple batteries so you can change in alter days.

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